Weekend Things

So, spent the weekend… well busy.

It’s funny how my family–which should have been getting more and more self-sufficient and less mom dependent in the past few years, has, in fact, become the opposite.

They’ve become very “ishy” about me working over the weekends.

Friday I was getting all totally ready to nap before I picked up the kids so I could go to the reading at the Lavender Library Friday night, (which you can see if you follow the link)  when Mate texted and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch and keep him company while he did soccer errands.

Between that and the reading, no writing was done in this house.

Saturday was Squish’s seeding tournament (four games in a day), and after we all got home and showered, Mate showed up and we went out to dinner and then went and caught Skyscraper at the cheap theaters, and then we all got home and passed out.

And no writing was done in this house.

This morning we took the dogs for a walk.  That was actually sort of adorable.

Mate would stop me every now and then with a warning. “Geoffie’s behind you.”

“I know.”

“Well, be careful– she’s about to pull a full Empire Strikes Back ATAT maneuver on you, and you’re gong down!”

It never happened, but the thought of me like the big transport carrier, legs tied together, toppling over on the pathway, did keep me very alert.

Also–and I posted this on Facebook, something cute happened.

A father was taking his kids for a ride–two of them on tiny bikes and one on a scooter like dad. The kid on the scooter was riding cleanup, trying to get his little sister on the princess bike with the booster seat for the doll in the back to get a move on.

“C’mon! Move! We’re losing them!”

The little girl didn’t say anything, even when her brother gave the bike a big heave from behind, she just let it coast to a stop–her eyes glued to the three dogs the whole time.

Finally I said, “Would you like to pet the dogs?”

She lit up and nodded and got off the bike and came over, hand cautiously extended. And then her brother did the same thing. I love it when kids know how to approach dogs. Some kids are all entitlement– they run forward and EXPECT the dog to be okay with a stranger touching them. These kids knew dogs–they let the dogs sniff them and then gave gentle scratches to the tops of their heads between the ears.

And then, when the dogs had all been pet by both kids, they got on their little vehicles and went on their way.

Mate was chuckling the whole way back.

Decent kids, petting dogs. Sometimes the world really is that pure, right?

Anyway–we got home, and there was a long nap on my part, and then… finally…

After the kids went to bed…

Writing happened in this house.

Well, it had to get done eventually.

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