So yesterday, Zoomboy had a seeding tournament. It consisted of four mini-games, to determine which division the teams were in.  Mate’s team (and thus, Zoomboy’s) won all four games.

I told Mate he shouldn’t get used to it, because now they were in a higher division.

He was still excited– his team did really well.

Today, tired and kind of spacey, we decided to go to lunch and to the movies. It was one of those days that if we stayed home, we’d sleep. If we tried to get stuff done, we’d whine.  Stopping to get my new eyeglass prescription and then making it to lunch and a movie seemed like the height of productivity. Yeah, when I say my family has oddish priorities, well, there it is, in action.

Anyway– we saw The Man From U.N.C.L.E. which was amazing, and awesome and tremendous– and slashy as hell.

You heard me– Guy Ritchie did it again, he managed to craft a bromance that toyed with our affections just as much as the Sherlock movies did. And Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer were… *droolz*  Also– and for some reason I find this sexy as heck– they had what I call the Winchester Height Syndrome.

What this means is that one of the actors (Cavill) stood 6’1″, which is pretty damned tall for Hollywood. The other one (Hammer) stands 6’5″.  So, when Cavill was on his own, he dwarfed the delicate female costar. But when Hammer was next to Cavill, he looked like he could eat Cavill for brunch.

So see?

Sam and Dean all over again. The Winchester height syndrome indeed.

Anyway– it was delicious, and since folks sort of like the idea of a FanFic Friday here, I’ll see if maybe these two bite me hard enough for me to bite back. Meow!

And tomorrow, ZoomBoy starts his new math class. And I’m so nervous. C’mon, ZoomBoy– after all that fuss, we’d better not fall behind.

And Squish wants all of you to know that she’s been reading The House of  Dies Drear and she thinks it’s really awesome. I told her I’d tell you– because I think she’s awesome and had to share.

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