I’ve really got nothin’ this time! Kid’s okay, me okay, knitting okay (more than okay, actually–I’m really hitting a KNIT MORE groove.) This means that for me, it’s all about the TV.

You guys know what my favorite is– (*Channelling Springsteen, who, btb, rocked my world as always when he played the Superbowl: Do I have to say it? Do I have to speak it’s name?)

But for me, there’s always more to television than, you know, the glowing anesthetic god in the corner of the room–for me, the tv gives us a universal storyteller. Of course, (thank you cable!) we get a larger and slightly more insane choice of stories every day, and some stories are better and more important than others (listen: can you hear my teacher voice coming out?) but stories are the lifeblood of the human soul–when I told Grandpa that heroes fight their nemesis every day, well, we’ve both read Beowulf… we both know the hero doesn’t necessarily win. We know it’s the fight that counts–and it is our stories that tell us that.

So for me, it’s more than just the boob-tube–it’s stories on the hoof, and a well written story, for me, is gold.

So, here’s a jumble of my favorite stories in no particular order, and not necessarily still playing. (For example, the X-Files dies years ago, but I’ll still watch it on reruns…) What’re yours?

CSI (all of them EXCEPT Miami)
Two and a half men
Moonlight (*sob*)
Quantum Leap
ER (for at least 1/2 the seasons… once Abby cheated on Luca, I was out, even if he forgave her…)
Pushing Daisies (can you see I’ve got a thing for shows that don’t make it? Sucks for me!)
Law & Order–the Jill Henessey/Christ Noth years
Jake 2.0 (What IS it with me and canceled shows?)
Enterprise (I mean REALLY!)
Murphy Brown (back in the day…)
Ghost Whisperer (Guilty PLeasure)
Monk (But it’s so painful)
Burn Notice (Two words: Bruce. Campbell.)
Psych (Dule Hill–Loved him since West Wing.)
Journeyman (I SWEAR, it’s like a curse!)
Wonderfalls (See?)
Freaks & Geeks (Really–the freaking kiss of television death!)
Crossing Jordan (And this show wasn’t that good…I was sort of embarrassed about it, really…)
Charmed (all but the last season)
Reaper (Is that back on again, or did I kill that one too?)
24 (Because Jack Bauer IS a live action superhero)
Cold Case (it’s all about the music, baby…)
Without a Trace (And Anthony LaPaglia…it’s weird, that…)
and do I have to say it?
Do I have to speak it’s name?
Must I?
Or can I just call it “Tadpoles swim, veals moo, and I’ll fish that tank and eat that tender dish…” (Or would that title be too long? And just a smidge creepy?)

We’ll just call it “Jensen and Jared beat up demons” and leave it at that!

0 thoughts on “Weird…”

  1. Did you know Sci-Fi is playing Moonlight on Friday’s before BSG?

  2. Galad says:

    We are now totally caught up on Supernatural! I need more shows to watch so that is one great list to knit to.

    P.S. My husband said he would get me Bitter Moon II for Valentines Day!!!

  3. roxie says:

    Tender, funny, hunks of suffering manflesh – of course you love them. It’s only natural. In fact, it’s more than natural. It’s – oh, what’s the word I’m looking for here? Ubernatural? No. Ultranatural? Meganatura? That’s not it either. Hmmm . . Ahah – Super. . ..

    I’m gonna do my own list. Not nearly as classy as yours. I like Jeopardy and America’s Funniest Home Video.

  4. Unknown says:

    I’m slightly offended that you left “The Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” off the list (While they aren’t exactly serials, they do rely on scripts and tell a – albeit slightly perverted – story). Also, I gotta bust out the BSG. It won a Peabody and is physically exhausting to watch. It also presents a very unhindered mirror for us. (both Stargates are good, too)

  5. Donna Lee says:

    I couldn’t make a list anymore since we don’t have a tv. But the only show I got out of bed early for was The Angry Beavers on Nick. They give bugs bunny a run for his money.

  6. GrillTech says:

    Ahhh Firefly. It’s to bad I liked the show so much Fox had to punish me by canceling it. Thats why I don’t let anyone know how much I’m addicted to BSG.

  7. Catie says:

    did yo see the premier of Dollhouse last friday??!! eeee

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