* I can’t figure out if it’s going to be a good day or a bad day when it starts off with a porch present from an adoring feline. (In Ladybug’s words, ‘Icky nasty dis-GUST-ing!’)

* Big T is the treasurer of the drama department. When I got all mom-geeky on him about this, and asked him why he didn’t tell me sooner, he said, “Because, Mom–I don’t like drama!” Smart boy!

* Does anybody know of a learning disorder accompanied by weird fingers and toes? I’ve been checking out the Cave Troll’s digits, and they are oddly angled and at gentle odds with human symmetry–sort of like his blessed little soul.

* I have an FO–YAY! I fogot to take a picture–BOOO! It wouldn’t matter because I never post pictures anyway–MEH!!! (I finished the baby sweater I massacred…I mean modified. It’s your basic cardi-hoodie from the Yarn-Girl’s kid’s book, but I added a cable and didn’t add QUITE enough stitches to have it completely button in the front. Which is okay, because I forgot to add button holes. I settled for a big button and a loop at the neck, which is good, because 1 year olds mostly don’t sit still long enough for you to button all the way up anyway. Just wrap-em tight and throw-em in the car.)

* I have decided that after fifteen years in this wretched profession, I have a bladder courtesy of Pavlov. The bell rings: Third period, time to pee. (I figured this out yesterday when the bell rang during the teacher’s meeting. Suddenly, it was time to pee. Fucking bell.)

* I brought home this cool book called Gallop that has pictures that really look like they’re moving. I discovered that, in an emergency, either one of the short people would throw the other one under a bus for a cute tchotchke and a promise of time on mom’s lap. I’m so proud.

* After last night’s homework, I can’t wait until it’s time to do ‘The Scarlet Ibis’ with Chicken. If either one of us are near our periods, it’s going to send Mate screaming from the house for chocolate and French fries and the idea that women are out of their fucking minds.

* Speaking of Chicken, we gave away TWO sweaters that I made for her in the past and she decided she didn’t want anymore. In return she got to keep the winter coat grandma lent her when she went to Australia. And a jumpo portion of guilt for not wearing mom’s sweaters, that I plan to pull out at every possible moment. (One sweater looked AWESOME on my mom and the other equally awesome on my Crazy Friend Wendy–but now I”m on the needle to make that abandoned Homespun nightmare in crisp-fry-your-eyes red.)

* I went to talk to my Grandma this weekend–it appears that the government has finally released the list of people who served in the OSS during the war, and she was very proud to know her name (and grandpa’s) was on that list. She was also proud of a friend (who recently passed away) who wrote a book of humor about the OSS and the military. Apparently the book used to be held up in front of ‘newly minted’ recruites and used as an object lesson. “Don’t ever let this happen again!” I wish I had met the guy–I think we would have gotten along.

*And…I’m out. Time to go home and try to lay the short people down for a nap. Dammit, they need to sleep because I need to sleep–why don’t they udnerstand that? You’d think they were egocentric narcissists, and I don’t know WHERE they’d get that trait from, do you?

0 thoughts on “Weirdness”

  1. JenB says:

    What is The Scarlet Ibis?

  2. TinkingBell says:

    It’s a tough life but someone has to do it!!

    Seriously, your family sound like a laugh a minute riot (or possibly a free pass to bedlam) but all the families I love are like that!

  3. Galad says:

    Way to go Big T!

  4. Louiz says:

    What is OSS?

    And big T sounds like he has the right idea – I was wardrobe for drama at school for the same reason!

    Oh yeah, and taking my copy of BM1 to *lend* not keep to the bookshop lady tonight.

  5. roxie says:

    Interesting Pavlovian response. Ring the bell, dogs salivate, teachers urinate.

    Kitties bring you goodies to brag on their prowess. Good Kitty!!

    Go big T!

    Love the spin you take on life. Blessings on you and all you love.

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