Well that sucked…

So, two days of being too sick to write–and believe me, I’ve got to be WAY OUT OF IT to be too sick to write– and I have one thing to show for breathing on the planet.

I finished this sweater.

I promise we’ll have a picture with Stevi, who asked me to make it for her because I’ve given her and Chicken matching sweaters for probably the last six years. I make sweaters for family, and she is family, and I was super proud that she asked.

But sweaters are maybe one of the hardest things for a knitter like me–who likes to flit from project to project– to make. So this was a labor of love, because the sleeves seemed to take forever and the hood was a black hole that I could only accomplish when sick and sedated and too stupid to write but not exactly setting the world on fire in the housecleaning department.

I am really looking forward to giving it to her–I let her pick the colors, and, again, only family. (I get tired of colors–it’s why I make lots of hand warmers in bright hand-dyed color ways.)

So that leaves two more things I promised for Christmas that I should finish up this month– phew!

Anyway– I’m feeling a little better now. If I’m super super lucky, I can sleep, but I’m not going to hold my breath. I’d probably just end up coughing anyway. But tomorrow–TOMORROW–as Dog is my witness, I will spend my day writing again.

By the way– ignore the two missing buttons and the ends I hadn’t sewn in yet. Mate actually spent a busy sunday and he WAS tired at bed time, and I wanted him to take the picture wearing it before he went to sleep. I’ve since taken care of the niceties, and if there’s more wandering ends, I need Stevie to point them out to me.

This sweater pattern– one of my own “let’s wing it!” raglan yoke patterns, is a variation on Mate’s own Jedi sweater, which was a pullover. I used one of the Plymouth self-striping yarns for the body and sleeves, and I do like this blend–25% wool, 75% polyester– for a sturdy sweater that can be washed ad infinitum. And it’s super colorfast. And as for the toggle buttons? I got 50 of them from Amazon, and they’ve been one of my favorite craft purchases ever. Those things go with pretty much everything–and they’re super easy to use.

So let’s hear it for some real sleep tonight and some writing tomorrow. No swimming, because not even I am dumb enough to swim when I’m just coming off a cold. (This is a lesson hard learned–for the of you who’ve read Winter Ball, Skip’s horrible fever/cold was written while I spent three weeks fighting off what could have been a one week cold if I had just stayed out of the pool.)

I sure do miss writing when I’m too stupid to do it!

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