Well, We Made it Home!

Of course coming home is always the best part of the trip for me–but seriously, that was some trip.

Chicken and I got there Monday night, found some food, did some chill and fell asleep. Tuesday we were all about the French Quarter, including the ghost tour which was SO worth the money– our guide was Toast, and he was pretty rocking’.

Wednesday we started out with the Feminist Swearing tour of the quarter, which my friend Kayla gave, and that was spectacular–I want her to write it down– her stories–and the inimitable craftsmanship that went into telling them, could be a whole cottage industry for her. She’s amazing.

So, Wednesday evening, the BookLovers convention started, and Chicken was there as my PA, but that didn’t stop us from having loads of fun. While she passed out swag to folks in line and made sure the things got to the place, and oh Glory Hallelujah organized our luggage, the two of us knocked around the French Quarter several times, and we drank coffee and watched movies at night when we were too tired to think and too strung out to fall asleep.

It was wonderful to have a companion.


Book Lovers Convention was very very much fun. The consensus was that the reader events were much more in depth–and a wonderful reader experience. I hope I get invited back next year, but even if I don’t, I really do treasure my time there.

If you look through the pictures you’ll see some awesome pictures–Bru Baker, Annabeth Albert, Rayna Vause, Damon Suede, Tere Michaels, and Kate McMurray all make featured appearances, as well as the gods of the signing, and a few of yours truly.

Our flight got delayed last night, so we spent about six hours at a hotel and got home this morning around ten–and in spite of a long nap the rest of my day has been sort of a daze. So I may get back to you all with con stories later (maybe not–it’s funny how those stories are GREAT to talk about AT the con, but at home they leave people who weren’t there with glazed eyes and an intense need to sleep) but I will leave you with a couple of pictures.

The last picture is super dark–it looks like I totally blew off a great chance to take a spooky picture of a haunted cemetery after dark.

Then you realize that some of those bright spots have no light source, and there’s a shadow in the middle that keeps changing shape.


The ghost tour was everything and more.

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