We’re Sorry, Due to Technical Difficulties, Your Author’s Head is About to Explode

Yeesh! You think something’s simple and then…

* And then the computer program I was using to do editorial work kept crashing my internets–and I kept assuming it was my fault.

* And then a perfectly good tire went flat… there was some nonsense about me hitting the curb too many times, but really, I think it was a conspiracy to render yesterday a complete waste of any time or peace of mind I may have possessed in the first place.

* And then my normally even-headed Chicken has decided that she needs yet another dress to wear to a dance once. I mean I get it. Goddess Forbid you show up at Junior Prom in the same frock you wore to homecoming… especially since Junior Prom is much more formal, but, uhm, can we say Squish’s Birthday? Because our bank account can!

* And then shopping for said frock takes more out of a day already sliced and diced by said spare tire.

* And then I went down for a half-an-hour nap, and Chicken let me sleep PAST her Open House. I should probably get the #badmommy tag, but honestly? I just don’t think Chicken wanted me to embarrass her in front of her teachers. (Which is too bad–her teachers were a lot of fun at the beginning of the year.)

* Of course, Chicken might have just been using her supernatural Chicken powers of reading mommy’s mood, and figured that after staying up until heaven-knows-when to get some frickin’ writing done, maybe letting mommy take a slightly longer nap would be conducive to people not getting their faces ripped off.

* And then my poor pregnant neighbor had to have a total freak out after psyching herself out about people coming to get her because her husband’s out of town. Mate did a circle of her house, I came inside and said, “Uhm, Mate said it sounds like trees–I think it’s a tree!” and she still called night patrol.

I was highly amused at this one, though–because you know what? If I’d called night patrol, I would have gotten grizzled officer with a beer gut, telling me that this noise was all in my highly hysterical head. My attractive young neighbor? No. She got Sparky the Fresh Faced Young Thing, with a big K-9 sweet doggie to sniffle around her house and tell her that she’s got two dogs and, hey, a tree scratching on her daughter’s outside wall.

That’s okay– I came in and told Mate (who was wondering why I hadn’t come home after the noise was discovered to be, hello, did I mention a frickin’ tree?) that she’d called the police anyway. I said, “Well, you know, I might have been just as hysterical if I was pregnant and alone in my twenties.”

Mate gave me a long look, and we both remembered that time we spent up in Ophir, when he was gone five days and six nights a week with work and school, and he said, “You were. In a scarier house. And you didn’t call the police once.”

My husband called me brave. I couldn’t think of a nicer compliment:-)

* And then I sat and knit with my son’s friend’s mom, who poured me alcohol, bless her. I was all fine, and then I came home, and slept for another two hours, because, well, I was running on four hours as it was and did I mention the frangelico? Anyway–it was a good sleep. I slept with kids in my lap, and that hasn’t happened for a long time, which is a good sign that it will, very soon, stop happening at all, and I shall miss it.

*whew* And then that was plenty. Between Squish’s party weekend at the Mall and Chuck E. Cheese, the flat tire, and the crashing internet, well, you may have noticed that Squish’s picture was up for quite some time. In fact, I was pretty surprised to realize that this post would still be up on Saturday, and that, well, yeah. WAITING will be out at Torquere books! (That link is just to Torquere–I’ll post the actual link to buy the book probably on Saturday.)

And that reminds me– YEARNING is out at amazon.com and ARe in case you were waiting for that to check out Jack & Teague & Katy and the little spin-off from The Little Goddess series.

And now? I’m back to writing some angst in space– because when I’m done, I’m taking two days to write on Quickening, and I can’t wait!

0 thoughts on “We’re Sorry, Due to Technical Difficulties, Your Author’s Head is About to Explode”

  1. Gotta watch out for those trees. I've seen Poltergeist and Evil Dead. I won't even mention how Sonny Bono died.

    When the wind blows, the trees try to get into the building. Everyone tells me it's the wind moving them, but I know, trees are smart they wait.

  2. NeedleTart says:

    I have a slight problem with your new publishing format (aside from getting to read it first ;-), Younger Son is a Librarian-in-training and has made me promise that I will NOT get or use an e-reader. Something about the end of books and copyrights…….
    Dang, I'm gonna miss all that great ficion.

  3. DecRainK says:

    Wow that's a lot of stuff.

    Chicken can always wear the dresses again at weddings and different dances the next year. That's what I did :0)

    Have fun writing Quickening 🙂

  4. Louiz says:

    Hey, chicken needs to learn to sew, then she can make/alter her own frocks!

    I need to earn more money. Then I can keep up with your output:)

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