We’ve changed the cat’s name to…

Royalty Check. Because that’s the only reason he’s alive.

Yup, poor old Dennis Quaid– there he was, under the surgeon’s knife to have one little bittie tooth removed. Five hours later, he’s eight teeth down, and EXTREMELY confused. And my first major royalty check for DSP is toast. And we still have a kid to send to prom. Oi! Man–all I can tell you is that this cat had better live for FRICKEN EVER. That’s all I’m sayin’.

That, and I was thinking about having a T-shirt made for big T that said ‘Gay Sex Funded My Senior Year’. Only two things stopped me.

A. The boy is straight, and that would do uncomfortable things for his social life.

B. We couldn’t afford the T-shirt, we were too busy renting his tux and saving the goddamned cat.

But that doesn’t mean that T-shirts were not made! It seems that Chris liked the idea of the T-shirt as we were chatting, but she liked a slogan about plot bunnies better… something like, say, “The plot bunnies in my head are all gay–but they’re breeding anyway!” (Made me snort soda out my nose!) And, well, I suggested to Lynn and Elizabeth that if we could put a stock photo on that puppy (Lynn was the one who suggested a hottie in bunny ears) it would make an AWESOME T-shirt to wear to writing conventions and such. And Elizabeth got to work tooling through stock photos and… well…

This Happened.

I want one… unfortunately I have to wait until the next royalty check!

Oh yeah…

And this happened and that was pretty cool too. Kassa seems to like the anthology–I’m glad! ESPECIALLY since I have sequels to two of the short stories in it coming out this summer.

And other than that? I stayed home today. Zoomboy was sick, and I just didn’t feel capable of facing the world without another day off. Well, yeah, I spent all day on the computer, why do you ask?

But I AM working on something–I’ve got this scarf going for my TA– I LIKE it! It’s a basic Roman Road pattern in this lovely Mountain Color twist-spun yarn… mmmmmm…. total fibergasm… and the colors are hhhhhaaaawwwwttttt… (I like my yarn colors like I like my men… hhhhhaaaaawwwtttt… mmmmm….)

And, well, I blew off two hours of writing time to work on it. Because I’m just wild and crazy that way, right?

*yawn* Yeah, absolutely, Amy–you’re a wild woman… now go to sleep so you can wake up and do it all again… *yawn*

0 thoughts on “We’ve changed the cat’s name to…”

  1. Plot bunnies are cute. And mental health days are life savers.

    Word verification: flogin (I think it fits)

  2. Chris says:

    I had deja vu when I read this post. 😉 I love that t-shirt – yay for making it happen!

    Word veri: nolest. Molest typo. Molest with less lest – no lest, to be specific.

  3. roxie says:

    Poor Dennis Quaid! If he starts losing weight, see how he feels about some Gerber's turkey or veal from the jar. Being down 8 teeth is gonna cut into his dietary skills.

    Poor Amy! Not what you planned on spending the royalty check on.

    Gay plot bunnies. The mind continues to boggle.

    MORE good news in the writing field? YAYYYYY!! Well deserved!

    Hope Zoomboy feels better soon.

  4. Mardel says:

    god-damned cats – always costing money! At least you were able to get this done for him though. And the T-Shirt? I totally need to get one for my brother!

  5. Poor Royalty Check (both of them) :(. I hope the furry one feels better soon. The t-shirt is brilliant (as was the filk song) although the original idea made me snort coffee. 🙂

  6. Galad says:

    Tooth removal hasn't slowed down our 21 year old cat's eating any so hopefully Dennis Quaid will recover from the trauma.

    Love the t-shirt though don't see me wearing it in my conservative community 🙂

  7. DecRainK says:

    OMG I want that shirt

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