Whaddya bring me, mommy?

Not a damned thing.

Okay– see, here’s the thing. I’ve had the chance to be at home recently, and much to my surprise…

I’m okay at it.

I knit, I play with Squish, we do workbook stuff, I write professionally, I take walks, I’m going back to the gym (long goddamned story on how that fell through this morning– suffice it to say that tomorrow I will triumph over bureaucracy, and leave it at at that!) and I actually clean the house once in a while. No lie– clean the house, right? I even cook or something like it most nights–and you all know, that’s a real goddamned victory, right?

But, uhm…

I’m losing my speaking rhythm.

You know, that rhythm you have when you listen to people and then respond? That rhythm that lets you speak in a group without sounding like an offworlder, trying to find her feet?

THAT rhythm?

So tonight I went to my favoritist of happy places, my LYS.

*ahhhh* My peeps.

To start with, there was a very funny, very flamboyant knitter who kept trying to show me a picture of a man in a thong he’d found on Ravelry… I was most disappointed that he couldn’t find the guy in the thong, but I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the man with the sticks and string. He was not the only one to chat, and, (I know it will surprise some of you, that I should need this) I was most shocked to discovered that (get this!) EVERYONE was REAL! You know… like, not online? Sitting in the same room with a pulse and… well, real faces and work in a bag?

Yeah, I know.

Go figure!

And then I got home, and Zoomboy was right in my lap.

“Were did you go, mama? Where were you when you weren’t with us? Did you bring us something? Why did you go away? Why weren’t you here?”

And I thought, “Man, I need to leave a little more often.”

Seriously– his father doesn’t get grilled when he’s gone like that. The fact is, I haven’t been out on my own since… since… yaoi-con in October!


Other people besides my family are good.

Not as good as that picture above (which I thought looked like what I wished I looked like if I lived in the 1950’s) but… yeah.

I’m going again next week–you betcha!

0 thoughts on “Whaddya bring me, mommy?”

  1. Sometimes it's good to get out of the house and knit in a group.

    I even managed to do it for an hour yesterday myself.

  2. roxie says:

    Ah, the LYS as mental therapy. "What did you bring me Mommy?" I brought you a happy mommy.

    Hooray for you for meeting your own needs.

  3. grammy1 says:

    Children…have Jewish guilt down to a pat!!!!!


  4. Chris says:

    Not since October?!? Eep!

  5. Louiz says:

    I know what you mean about losing the rhythm. The knitting night out sounds cool, and the picture looks fabulous. Please tell me you're going to make it:)

  6. Galad says:

    A good night out with adult conversation! Hooray for taking care of yourself 🙂

  7. Helyce says:

    Yes, us mommies really and truly need time spent away from the house. I don't knit, but I scrapbook and I spent a wonderful weekend away from home and really didn't miss hearing "mommy?" 2 million times a day!

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