What’s another word for random?

Okay, first of all, I just downloaded a bunch of pictures from my camera, including a bunch that I’m not going to post because they’re my students, and it’s one thing to humiliate your own offspring on the net, but these guys aren’t obligated by blood. I had the camera in my bag from T’s show (another story…I’ll get there) and when I realized it, I pulled it out and started taking pictures of my 5th and 6th period. Yes THAT 5th and 6th period.

“What are ya doin’, Ms. Lane?” They asked.

“I’m taking pictures.”

“So you have a reason to quit, right?”

“No–cause I sort of like you guys right now, and next summer when I don’t want to leave my little ones, I can look at these pictures when I like you guys and remind myself why I’m here.”

“That is the biggest pile of shit we’ve ever heard.”

“Nevertheless, it’s true.”

Well, it made me feel better anyway.

Now, on with the rest of my week…

So, after the Course Faire thing (and going out w/LIR afterwards–which was awesome btw…me, another adult, conversation, and no children…damn and damn, it was like winning the lottery) I was pretty wiped on Thursday…I mean, eyes fluttering at stoplights tired, and I got home and sat down and after about 15 minutes of waking coma thought, “Wow. Matt’s got Bryar at her special dance lessons (special ed for dancers–yup folks, thems my genes all right…) and all I have to do tonight is wash dishes, wrangle up some dinner, and stress because CSI’s in reruns…awesome!” And that was when it happened. Big T comes up and says “Hey mom–don’t forget I have to be at the school at 6:15 to get in costume…” (I must have looked blank for a moment) “You know–my Seventies Revival Play?”

*SIGH* “Yeah, baby, I remember…let me pack some snacks for the babies and we’ll be ready to roll.”

Friday made Thursday look like a walk in the park in the sunshine.

And on top of other wierdness…

I’ve been almost late three times this week for (drum roll please…) TURKEYS!!!

Yes… there’s a flock (a gaggle, a pack, or a herd?) of turkeys in our neighborhood, and they’ve been at the intersection right by my house, doing turkey things, and they’ve been blocking traffic. I mean…for ten or so minutes. There’s (fortunately) not a lot of cars at this intersection, but I sat and knit for five minutes until the cocks stopped trying to prove their manliness by charging my car and then after I’d edged my way between the northbound turkeys and the southbound turkeys I looked behind me at the impatient person in the silver Somenewbrandofcar and realized that she thought she’d get REALLY cute and WEAVE around the turkeys. The result in my rearview mirror was that she was stuck, kitty corner across both lanes of traffic, and the boy turkeys were charging her car. Yeah, you can’t make this shit up.

And in other random news? The adorable infant has reached the age where she’s like a highly powered supermagnet– when you walk by something she wants, your arms raise, your body changes course and her hands latch on and CATCH on whatever she’s interested in. It’s an interesting age…babies don’t know about leverage, and how many times they’re standing on your head while you sit on the couch that they almost eat it because they’ve grabbed the back of the couch and LEVERAGED their way up and into peril. Damn, she’s quick, she’s smart, and she makes one hell of a high powered supermagnet…I love this age!!!

And other than that? A shout out to SilverPixie (whom I’ve not met, but she likes my book, so I’m a fan!!) and my 3rd review… I’m feeling okay on the book front…BOUND seems to be really un-sucky, and I sent out a book packet today (which will, of course, be ignored, but it’s the optimism that counts-:-) And BITTERMOON is breaking my heart…I’m looking forward to it!

Well…I was trying for pictures of ubercuteness w/the adorable infant, but we’re not loading as we should, so we’ll try again tomorrow…

And isn’t that the lesson for the day?

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  1. roxie says:

    Are these wild or domestic turkeys? If domestic, why doesn’t the owner corral them? If wild, why not just run the suckers down? (No, I’m not that blood-thirsty. Wild turkeys know enough to avoid car tires.) I love the image of Ms I’m-too-important-to-wait getting stuck on the highway and charged by turkeys. Heehee! that’s the sort of thing you could wish onto an enemy. “May your car be charged by turkeys when you are late for a hair appointment.”

    We want pictures of these road-blocking turkeys, please.

    And Bound has me completely in it’s thrall. Great sex! You manage to keep it constantly fresh, and I always said that sex is not a spectator sport. You, my dear, are GOOD!

    And I can’t wait to see what happens next. What will the hollow man do? What is WRONG with Chloe? How will Nicky feel about his adventures? How will Twilight fit into the family? Must read faster!!

  2. Rae says:

    Where’s animal control? If PETA were in charge, they’d protect those animals from the viciousness of BrandNewCarDrivers.

    Total suckage here. You missed my posts a few days ago, and I’ve missed yours for days on end. The universe will get back to order. Goddess loves us. She is forgiving. Just a little wicked sometimes.

    Oh, to travel your creative ride through the next novel – I’m excited to catch a peek at the creative process (I haven’t a creative bone in my body).

  3. Turkeys? What a trip. That could only happen to you!
    I am plowing through Bound as quickly as my parasitic midget and my conscience will allow. I bit a hole in my lip while reading Bracken’s chapter. Blood everywhere and I still couldn’t stop reading. That’s good stuff lady!

  4. Turkeys? Of all things, and it could ONLY happen to you Amy! I’m plowing through Bound as quickly as my parasitic midget and my conscience will allow me. I bit a hole in my lip during Bracken’s chapter. Blood everywhere and I still couldn’t stop reading. That’s good stuff, lady!

  5. Amy Lane says:

    *blush* aww…shucks…between LIR and Roxie, I’m just sitting here making goofy noises…I’m glad you guys like it…(really really really really glad:-) But about the lip thing? OUCH! don’t do that unless you’re trying to attract vampires!!!

  6. Turkeys! Those are way kewler then the white tails we have around here. And quail…

  7. Louiz says:

    Still no sign of my copy of bound from Amazon. Will have to shout at postman today. Grumpy.

  8. Susan says:

    I’m going with “a peroxide of turkeys” because, man them birds is dumb! We saw two peroxides on our way to day care this winter: a highlight of 3 of them crossing the road in one neighborhood and a clump of about 9 of them crossing without the aid of a guard or zebra striping near a school. Jay-walking turkeys. Heh heh. Now Jujube looks for them daily. “No turkeys today. Turkeys are silly.”

    This is in a suburb 12 miles from Boston’s hub, which is now also coyote territory. Guess those western Canidae must have come to MIT and taken up the study of bioengineering or some such.

    I wouldn’t run down a turkey. That’d be at least $3500 in repairs to your bumper.

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