What’s the Name of That Song?

Chicken sent me this  and this which was kind of her because I’m OVERWHELMED with stuff to do, and nothing works better than being completely distracted from your real work by stuff that makes you happy.

Wait… there’s a word for that, isn’t there.  What’s that word again…

I don’t know… but I’m sure I’ll remember by the end of post.

Hey– does anyone remember this?

It’s THE world’s most infectious melody, but… seriously… what’s the name of that…?

Anyway, so I’m doing a proposal for sort of a biopic about, you know, the last couple years of clusterfuck with the erstwhile career, and that stuff takes some serious focus, and in the meantime I’ve got —

Hey, did you know Pandora introduced me to a whole bunch of new music, including

This guy, whom I love– 

And this guy, and I just want to go back in time and tell him “It’s okay baby.  We can make it better, I know it!”  Because his music, just… it just calls to me so hard and it’s a time and a book and a character, just screaming to get out, but instead of screaming, he’s plucking this subtle, breathy music, and… just…

I can’t even…

So these guys are singing to me, and they’re amazing and soulful and they just feed something in me, but I can’t obsess about them because… wait, what do I have to do again?

Ethan!  Yeah, that’s right.  Ethan is progressing really well, lots and lots of Ethan and Jonah and it’s so painful because they’re doing this terrible delicate dance of “let’s just be friends” when Ethan’s so afraid to relate to anyone like a relationship because his relationships… well… just trust me.  Bad.

Anyway, so right.  I need to be writing a book proposal and I need to be writing Ethan and… what was that other thing…


Crap!  How could I forget!  I just got the galley for Promises and I need to edit it and OMG!  IT’S OUT IN THREE WEEKS!!!

Cover art?  Cover art?  *pant* *wheeze*  *stress*  It’s coming.  I know.  I’ve seen a sketch.  I have.  There was a sketch.  Needed tweaking.  Fuck.   Three weeks?  LESS?  

Yeah.  So I’ve got to do that.

And did I mention the kids are out of school?

And Mate set up his computer right next to mine at the kitchen table so he can input stuff as soccer registrar while I work?

And the dog is sleeping in my tank top?

And my nephew graduated this week and we had his party today?

And… wait… my friend Kait just sent me something shiny and someone on Facebook presented me with THIS which I’d have to be insane not to want to make but… hey… Don’t I have something else to do in the meantime?

You know, how bout if I sit down, watch some Teen Wolf or maybe some Defiance, and I’m pretty sure it’ll come to me.

But first, I have to make food for all the people.  And they seem to want some sort of attention from me. And when that’s done I’ve got to walk the dog.

And wait–

What’s that word again?

What’s the name of that song?

0 thoughts on “What’s the Name of That Song?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this a trick question? heheh

  2. Aren't those needles awesome?!

  3. http://youtu.be/4qcstRPC2cQ


    :DD Comedic Filk and men in kilts, you know you wanna!

  4. Anonymous says:

    SO EXCITED about Forever Promised! I've been checking and checking and checking again for the release date – thanks for the update!

    And I'm really looking forward to Ethan's book too. You ROCK. Seriously. Thanks for writing what you do – much appreciated and beloved! You have truly set the bar for good writing and great characters.

  5. Anonymous says:

    YAY! I've been WAITING for the date that Forever Promised is coming out and couldn't find it! WOOT!

    And SO looking forward to Ethan's story! Thanks so much for posting an update!

  6. roxie says:

    And the dog is sleeping in your tank top? Mmmm – – and how did this come about? You know you are going to forget and wear him to the grocery store on e of these days. The box boys will blush to death and the weird old guy in produce will die with a smile on his face. "There is no training bra for this mission, soldier– booby-diving is always in the deep end!"

    WRITE, woman! I can screw off, but you have people hanging on your every word!

  7. Promise in three weeks?!? I cannot wait! And I'm soooooo excited for Ethan's story! Try to breathe somewhere in all this.

  8. DecRainK says:

    Yay more books!

    Love Defiance. Isn't it just full of awesome-sauce?

    I really like the song Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales. Thanks for introducing it to me 🙂

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