When in doubt… ask Bruce…

I’ve had some lovely days to write, and some really productive days doing research.  Unfortunately, they don’t really equal a whole lot of words written.  Suffice it to say I’m plugging along, and that I’ve had a little lull in the usual rattle and hum, and, well, that doesn’t really translate into spectacular blogfodder.  So, once again, I’m gonna scattershot it.

*  Mary Calmes, my beloved Mary, texted me into complete submission regarding the next WIP.  I’ve posted some examples of her work (in the texting department, that is), and since she betas for me with skill and enthusiasm, those texts carry weight.  Even when they’re wearing no clothes.  (These texts ARE wearing clothes, but… uhm… it’s JENSEN, so we can live with that.

*  My new, non-porny story is posted now right here, HERE,  and in a few days it should have a spot on GoodReads, and if you love it, be sure to go rate it! And I’d REALLY want to thank Jennifer Morris (HappyTwilightFan) for dressing up a picture I took in Monterey and making it look lovely and very relevant to the story.  As soon as she puts it up in her blog, I’ll post the link, but in the meantime, I want to show off her cover.  She made it with a picture I sent her, and her own moon and imagination, and I loves it!:-)

*  This out of nowhere:  I really love the word “stabby” because it seems to be an amalgam of “crabby” and, of course, the accompanying gesture that can often come of crabbiness.  However, my vote is still out on this word’s cousins, “hurty”, “shooty”, “strangle-y” and “poisony”.

* Mary (aforementioned, my darling and beloved work wife) and I spent two hours doing research and frantic texts in order for me to write two paragraphs of prose about what my hero does on his job.  Speaking of “stabby” and “hurty”… uhm, yeah.  Sometimes this job has it’s moments of hard work with NOTHING to show for it.  If it weren’t for Mary, I would probably have made poor Hacon a fast food worker instead of an importer/exporter, and that would have made the story VERY different.

*  Oh yeah– this woman, L.A. Witt said some things I’ve wanted to say for a very long time.  I literally lick her toes in admiration.  And I want her frickin’ water buffalo.

*  And my guy, Chase, is up at Dreamspinner Press.  Which is good. Because the WIP that Mary sexted/begged/convinced me to start when I’m done with my wonderful, fun, subtle, complex mythology story with one of the most heinous cases of deus ex machina EVER in a story, is going to be the sequel to Chase’s story.  I want to write all those other sequels too–but I think Dex and Kane are gonna steal your heart in a passionate, first love sort of way when you’re done with Chase.  At least I hope so, because they’re where my headspace is.

And that’s about all…  I wish my life was more interesting than that–or at least outside my body.  We’re going to have some trips coming up, and that’s gonna be fun to report–but for now?  Off to visit Leif and Hacon, and their interaction with the fates:-)

Oh–and about Bruce?  I was waffling today, what should I do with my day?  And then I heard this song… and the answer was to write.  Because my heart was moved–and that’s what you do when your heart is moved.

0 thoughts on “When in doubt… ask Bruce…”

  1. I'd forgotten how beautiful Jensen really is.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    You and your life are never boring! You have so many stories in your head that it's amazing you aren't exploding.

    Things here are calm, too. This is NOT a bad thing!

  3. roxie says:

    That young man needs a new pair of pants. Not right away, though.

    Even if your life was boring as a rock in the dirt, you would be able to write about it in such a way that we would see the exciting, colorful, molecular action and conflict. You could make a recipe for hot water sound fascinating and multi-layered. You, my dear, are a WRITER!

    NOw, where's that link again? I want to devour the non-porn story!

  4. roxie says:

    When the SEa and the Sky turned to Blood is poetry. No porn, just beauty. Thank you!

  5. Chris says:

    Oh, he is yummy!

    Yay, Mary!!! 🙂

    And you're on the schedule! 😀

  6. Unknown says:

    Heh. There's something about Mary! 😀

    Glad you're getting some writing done. I think the traveling will refill the inspiration cup! Looking forward to hearing about your trips.

    (And can't wait to see what you come up with for that other little thing you're working on that I happen to know about! SQUEE! That is all.)

  7. Zeke says:

    Thanks for the eye candy! I want that guy lying on the floor reading with his butt barely out of view that I want him to read me Chase In Shadow.

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