When the Universe Uses a Cudgel

So, tonight I finished my Long Con book–I’m a week behind deadline, but only a week, and it’s 82K and it was like writing a ballet set to techno pop and I love it.

*whew* Anyway– I’m submitting that, and I’m so excited, but it’s not the only thing going on today, and the other thing was sort of grim.

Given that Mate and I tend to deal with grim and sad things with a super dark sense of humor, I’m going to tell this to you all in the hopes that–because you know me–you won’t be offended by the end.

As you know, Mate’s father wasn’t doing well. Last night he passed, but it wasn’t a surprise, and, while sad, Mate’s grief is mostly internal. Last night–before we got the news, we went to see Onward, which is about two brothers working to say goodbye to their father, because they get one day as a gift from magic, in order to do so. It was a beautiful movie, and Mate and I sobbed through the last third of it.

Today, when Mate got home from taking ZB to a King’s Game (a thing I sort of arranged because I think he needed ONE of his children to want to go with him) we sat down to watch television.

We watched Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist, which dealt with two fathers–one who had passed and another who has a deteriorating disease.

And we watched The Rookie, which dealt with an absent father who passed away, leaving a character to deal with an alienated half-brother.

We got to the middle of The Rookie, and Mate said, “Is it just me or…”

“Oh my God, honey, did you know your father passed away last night? Because I think the fucking universe is trying to tell you something!”

And I can’t even explain to you why the two of us just dissolved into laughter. But we lost our fucking minds. If anybody is communing with the universe, tell it that we got the message, but next time its free to text us as well.

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  1. kaytee says:

    My sympathies to you, Mate and all your family.

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