Okay– I supervised a basketball game last night– the supervision was fun, but I’m SO tired… and I have a staff meeting tonight as well. I’m thinking I’ll get home, plant my keester, and dream about days when I could go walking four days a week!

And now I have two whimpers and an ‘awww’ for you:

*whimper* 1– There’s really only one reason why you would stop at a gas station for nothing but an emergency packet of Immodium AD–the, uhm, ‘Anti-Diarrhea’ in the ‘AD’ is pretty self-explanatory. However, that didn’t stop the gas-station clerk from asking me “Hey, how are you to day?”

I looked at the Immodium in my hand and then looked back at her. “Unhappy,” I said bluntly.

She blinked slowly and rang up my package. I think she got the point.

*whimper* 2– Jack and Teague were rejcted by Loose-Id. Now, I’m pretty sure the reason they were rejected was that there was too much backstory–but that’s not what my torturer, I, uhm, mean, the evaluator said. Now, as one of you has pointed out (very rightly) I should take the criticism and use it to make myself better–or I can chuck it in the can. But since the critic told me that

A. The proglogue was unnecessary (?)
B. I needed to ‘show and not tell’ more (??)
and C. If I avoided unnecessary prose I could invest more in the story (???!!!) I think I’m going to chuck it in the can.

Hemmingway got gushier about the emotional shit than my two sexually awakened werewolves. I’m pretty sure the unnecessary prose was the backstory, ‘showing not telling’ has NEVER been my weak suit, and I know at least two of you told me to beef up the prologue so we knew what exactly these two guys were DOING for a living.

But other than that, I think I’ll keep the e-mail so I can print it out on a regular basis, rip it to shreds and feed it to the dog. It will make me feel better.

And finally…


My little Cave Troll is doing his ‘Superstar’ week at school. Basically, it’s an entire week about his favorite subject–himself. He gets to bring Boris the Bear home so we can journal every day about what Boris does and sees, and he has already brought a poster to school with pictures of his family to talk about, and his scarf, so he can show people his two favorite colors, and a printed version of the song “Sunshine on my shoulder” that he colored, and will teach to his class. I do hope we don’t hear from the administration about how it’s bad to tell kids to get high on sunshine, because that would really piss me off–and crack me up–which is always a bad combination. Tomorrow, he gets to bring in buttons to count. Mate suggested different colors of yarn, clipped from the skein, but I just couldn’t bear to go around mutilating all those poor innocent yarn skeins. Buttons are much better–and we can still use them when they’re done sharing Superstar time with Cave Troll, the cutest little Superstar in our sky:-)

0 thoughts on “*whimper*”

  1. NeedleTart says:

    Way back when the boys were small there was a company called Aardvark Adventures. The catalogue was really pre-blog newsletter about all the people who ordered from them. One of the reader’s children had an art project in elementary school and buttons were required. The child told the teacher that her Mom didn’t have a button box. The teacher said, “All GOOD mothers have a button box.” Another reader sent in a one page list of the things all good mothers should have/do. I’ll put a copy in the book box.

  2. Louiz says:

    Hope you feel better:( And cave troll sounds like a perfect superstar!

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I guess I’m not a good mother. No button box. I have a few odd buttons here and there but that’s it. I like the idea of a whole week for each kid. How often does any of us get a week to be the star?

  4. roxie says:

    Wow, when do you get a superstar week? Very awwww!

    Critics are entitled to their own silly-ass opinions. Won’t they be sorry when you hit the best-seller lists?

    I carry asprins and immodium at all times. One never knows if life will be a pain in the neck or elsewhere.

  5. Galad says:

    What an awesome week for Cave Troll! Hope you are feeling better :-).

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