Whining Me

 I sang my pain into the ether

Disgusted by my whine

My troubles are so tiny

Not worth sorry, not worth time

Tell your troubles to the river

The river carries on

People have their own loads

It’s important to keep calm

But I had a moment’s weakness

(Let’s face it–there’s been more)

And I made my pain a banner

For a friend to see–or two, or four

Or more and more or more

And I hid my face against my pillow

Embarrassed by my pain

For the trifling of my sorrow

And vowed not to sing again.

But I sang my pain into the ether

And my friends didn’t think I whined

I’d forgotten that in sorrow

True friends–the best of friends–are never less than kind.

So all–thank you, to everybody who said a kind word to me after last night’s blog. EVERYBODY. Everybody. I’m more hopeful today–and I thank all of you for your kindness and the hope you leant to me when mine was behind the drier.

Thank you.

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