Why am I here again?

OKay–you know it’s bad–know it’s REALLY bad–when you come home and write this:

Don’t you love it when you do the report
And the teacher says it’s in vain?
‘Cause Red Tape is his real course
And only sheep are sane.

Or when your buddy blows off the project cause it’s not cool
And jumps on your Grade-A train–
You’ll let him cause he’s scared like you.
Only sheep are sane.

I like to pretend I’m talking just for my health
When I’m up there just for you.
I hear your whines when you think the smart kids
Know things you never knew.

Go ahead–half-disguise the fact
You were born with all a brain
Cause brains are for the dumb-arses
And only sheep are sane.

Talk all you want, dance and sing–
Make sure your teacher takes the blame.
Don’t complain when your government cheats you like sheep–
Cause only sheep are sane.

And when the one kid in the entire flock
Discovers beauty in his fragile brain,
Not one teacher, one student, one educated rock
Notice, or give him fame.
He’s a panther, a jaguar, a noble wolf,
(And this is my refrain
we must kill him, squash him, knee his nads, because
Beauty and truth stand out on the plain
And no one wants to be noticed for having a brain
And he bothers the bureaucrats who are also to blame
And society hates him ’cause he’s not the same
And fuck them all, we know the truth,

0 thoughts on “Why am I here again?”

  1. roxie says:

    Soon you will be on a plane flying to Colorado. Soon you will be on a plane, flying to Colorado. Soon you will be on a plane . . .

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Just a few more days……It sounds like this has been a tough year. Thank all the goddesses it's almost over.

    And we make snowcones with our snoopy snow cone maker. It doesn't really work but it's fun.

  3. Galad says:

    Year end , year end, year end…

    Verification: sawkwad – what my kids used to leave on the floor every night.

  4. Perky is discovering why you want to do good in school. She's having to pay extra for math and English classes. So, don't write those guys off.

  5. DecRainK says:


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