Why I need more yarn…

Okay, so I don’t need more yarn. 

That’s a total and complete lie.
I’ve been packing my knitting for the trip. Now, about three weeks ago I agreed with myself that, really, I only needed a couple of balls of sock yarn to work on as socks, and a couple of balls of sock yarn to work on as a shawl.
That’s all I need.
But then I finished the color-crash sweater and it turned out so nice, I started on another crocheted worsted weight sweater for ZoomBoy. Now ZoomBoy only really loves two colors–turquoise and lime–and it’s a great color combo, but for the sweater I had in mind for him, that means I’m working on about an acre of lime green back. 
And it’s getting close to done, but I’m not taking it to RWA with me–for one thing, it’s a big bag with a relatively short project yield. I’d really rather take a number of different, finer balls of yarn that could last me, say, a year.
So I packed my project bag and–as often happens–it grew. Especially when I was thinking, “We’re going to drive for 14 hours that first day. Seriously. What in the holy fuck am I going to do with myself when Mate’s driving?” (Besides listening to Neil Gaiman’s books on tape, that is. They’re already purchased and waiting in my phone.)
Anyway–so as it stands, in addition to my emergency sock bag–which holds three pairs in progress, you know, for emergencies–I have the bag I packed here. 
In the picture. I know it’s hard to see–one of the color-combos is buried deep–but there are three projects in progress there, not to mention extra sock yarn should I exhaust the emergency sock bag as we drive. 
Do you think I need another skein?
Anyway– when I pass on, Chicken has instructions to ship big boxes of the stuff to the people I love. It will be like getting yarn from the grave. 
All of you in my address book who enjoy yarn, you can look forward to that. 
It’ll be fun.
You can–as you probably have often done since I’ve started posting completed projects on this blog–look at that box of hand-dyed yummy yarn and think to yourself, “What a dear, daft woman. In a million billion years, I’ll never know what in the holy hell she had planned for that.”  
Well, I could probably give you an itemized list, but I will tell you this.
No matter what it was I actually planned for that, the odds are really really good that whatever it is I would have eventually made would have been vastly, inescapably different. 
You know… I think I need to add another ball to the emergency sock bag… it’s looking a might poorly, all things considered. 

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  1. Marge C. says:

    This sounds like me when I say, "Why I need more books." Now with e-readers and audiobooks, things are much lighter, but I still need (at least) ONE actual print book in case of technology fail. LOL

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