Okay–I’m rating my goals for this weekend–everybody with me?

Cleaning the table–#fail

Folding the clothes–#fail

Scrubbing the bathroom–#fail

Going grocery shopping–#fail

Taking Zoom Boy to his soccer party–#win!

Getting the kids to gymnastics–#win!

Getting to see a movie with mate–#fail

Getting to see a movie with mate & the short people–#win!

Getting to see a movie with the tall people–#fail (but they saw ‘Zombieland’ with mate–Mate gets a #win on that one!)

Finishing a cool fingerless mitt from a new pattern–#win

Starting mitt #2–#win

Finishing the new Jack and Teague adventure–#win!

Finishing Adrian and the Angels–#fail

Finding my husband’s iPod which he lent to me–#fail

Planning to eviscerate my knitting bag where I think it is–#win

Getting over my crappy goodreads status–#fail

Finding a way to MAYBE publish Rampant–#win (but don’t hold your breath!)

Not eating cake when it’s put in front of me–#fail

Not eating something I’ve cooked when it’s put in front of me–#win!

Forgiving Curmudgeonly Colleague for butting into my business–#win!

Forgiving myself for taking the whole thing so seriously–#fail

Getting to bed on time tonight? #win or #fail… it’s all in the flip of a coin!

0 thoughts on “Win/Fail”

  1. That's not a bad win/loss list. Any day you walk away from, is a win in my book

  2. roxie says:

    Looks like the priorities are in order. Unfolded laundry is a minor deal. Getting Zoom boy to a party – big deal. Especially to Zoom boy. I can just see you telling him, "No, we can't leave for your party until I have all the laundry folded and put away." Like that would EVER happen. sounds like a good weekend – especially if youve figured a way to publish Rampant!!

  3. DecRainK says:

    I'm with KnitTech and Roxie on this one

  4. Littlewitch says:

    Holy Christ!

    Just remembering what all the goals were – #win!

    Cause I'm tired just reading the list…

  5. Donna Lee says:

    Sounds like a balanced weekend. The wins were all the important things (and falling asleep with the little ones? totally win)

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