Wisdom from Squish

Zoomboy is in Yosemite this week, so it’s just Squish and I in the mornings.  She is very good company.  This morning, she has already laid several nuggets at my feet that are of the purest gold!

Squish (while getting her hair brushed): I don’t think television really knows what goes on in television.

Me: What?

Squish: Well, we were watching a movie where a girl got famous writing, and she was on television in, like, a week. That doesn’t really happen.

Me: No, that’s not realistic.

Squish: Right? It’s like the people who write for television never look to see how it works.  You know what else isn’t realistic?

Me: Hit me with it.

Squish: The girl waiting in the tower for the boy to come. Why doesn’t she get out of the tower and chase the boy.

Me: Because sometimes boys get scared when they’re chased.

Squish: But why have the tower at all? Why can’t she just ask him to the movies!

Me: That’s a very good point!

Squish: I mean, at least the Disney Princesses have some bad luck, and they have to work at it.

Me: Because stories would be boring without conflict.

Squish (very bored now): Yes, mom, I know.

Me: Okay, go get a rubber band for your hair.

Squish: Okay.  *skips away*

Y’all, that’s my little girl.  *weeps with pride*

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  1. Unknown says:

    You have marvelous children, thank you for sharing their wisdom and artistic talent.
    And I really like your new avatar for however long it is around.

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