With a Bullet…

*  First of all, I wasn’t aware of how much I depended on Comedy Central to put my news into perspective until @Midnight and The Nightly Show premiered tonight. Oh, thank God for Chris Hardwick and Larry Wilmore, without whom I’d have to blog medieval on the world’s ass yet again. They do a far better job than I could, so I get to bow out of politics for a while.

* We’ve been shotgunning old Supernatural episodes. The little kids have been appropriately scared out of their wits (because the first few seasons had their roots solidly in the horror genre) and now Squish, too, has begun the family infatuation with Jensen Ackles’s freckles. I can only pat her shoulder in sympathy– it’s been almost eleven years, and I can still stare at the screen, hungrily waiting to catch another glimpse.

Ah, freckles.

*  I spent the morning in the car. Wake up, drop ZB off. Get home, drop the dogs off, pick Squish up, drop her off at school.  Leave school, go to airport, pick up Mate who is horrified at how much alcohol he can no longer drink without feeling like asscrackles. Come home, settle Mate down to sleep, sit down at my desk and…

Need a frickin’ NAP because that was a lot of driving on five hours of sleep!

*  Chicken got a job! (We are all so relieved to hear this. Of course now she needs a SECOND job to pay off her student loans, because Elizabeth Warren is NOT president yet. But she will be… hopefully before Chicken contributes more money to American political greed.)

*  And it’s 100 degrees again on the awful soccer field. *headdesk*  I would love so much for it to rain– somebody get right on it, ‘kay?

*  And I just had to erase a half an hour of political ranting again. @midnight, don’t you ever leave me! I’ll become unhinged!

* Big T has cleaned his room. I swear, we can see carpeting. *sigh* This means I REALLY have to get to the damned table, doesn’t it?

* Squish has been brushing her hair and putting it up in an inexpert ponytail lately. I’m just frequently reminded of how much and how quickly they’re growing up!

* And did I mention (I may have) that ZB asked a girl out to the school dance. She might say yes– the little minx is dangling two boys on a hook. ZB’s father is… stunned. He can’t figure out where this confidence and precociousness came from. I told him it must be a recessive gene like the ADHD. One of the kids had to have it…

*  I need to start “preening” for Yaoi-Con which is… oh wow– NEXT WEEK????? Holy CRAP. But seriously– I love this event. I’m there with friends and all the kids at the con get dressed up and everyone is usually happy.  YC was my first con ever– the first place someone (Sadonna Swan I think it was you if you’re out there) came to a booth and asked for me by name. The first place I met my beloved Elizabeth and much adored Lynn, the irrepressible Ariel and her gracious writing partner Nikki, the bouncilicious Andrew, the sultry and seductive Connie, my beautiful Julianne, and Mary-my-Mary and nobody else shall have her. There are no events at Yaoi-Con (although I believe I’m on a panel with Shira Anthony on Sunday morning– yay!) and no “signings”.  It is just watching Mary-my-Mary sell books, because she’s STUNNING– glorious and a true lover of stories as only she can be. It is watching the costumes and seeing the vendors–whom you sort of get to know– and generally being a part of a great party, and seeing some lovely boy/boy art and talking to people I love. (Even if most of those people I met at my first one won’t be there 🙁  Anyway– I’m excited. Anybody in the Bay Area, be sure to look up the DSP booth– it will be on the vendor’s floor, so you’ll probably only need a one-day pass to come visit.  I’d love to see you all there!

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