Woh shit!

Okay, lots happening here, but not much to report. Let’s start with the big thing, and the reason that last post was up there for four days, and that is that my MacBook, my beloved MacBook, had an operating system aneurism and is currently being resuscitated and put down simultaneously in an effort for Mate to recapture at least the pictures and documents on my hard drive before we cash it in and go get a new computer.  I’m depressed.  Some of you may remember when Squish was a wee flipper–maybe 18 months old, and she watered my pc and then sat on it to make it grow.  Mate had to rescue Bitter Moon II in its ENTIRETY– all 250 THOUSAND words of it then, and I haven’t been so close to passing out since I was in labor with Zoomboy.  I’m trying REALLY hard not to freak out on Mate.  He’s been working on this for THREE DAYS, and,  yanno, it’s not like his job just gives out money for free.  He sort of has other things to worry about.  In the meantime I’m on this ickle-biddy prototype laptop, the same one I took to Vancouver.  The good news is I’ve got a back up computer at all, and that IS good news.  The bad news is not only that the internet on it is hella frickin’ slow, it’s also that the Word program is REALLY FUCKING UNSTABLE and I spent two day losing maybe 1500 words of Chase and Chance because if I got up for any length of time, it did not autosave, and there was no recursive memory when it decided to go dark, and, well, I was just fucked.  I’ve gotten better at remembering to save shit when I get up to go to the bathroom or let the dog out or get a glass of milk or something, but it’s making me fucking crazy, and I’m making a heroic fucking effort here not to sob on Mate and wail, “I WANT MY MAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCC…”  But that’s not fair to him, either.  *sigh*  The good news is, we will probably be able to afford a new computer at the end of the month.  The bad news would be if I couldn’t save any of my hard drive–oh my God… the pictures of the kids!  FUCK!–and that would make me cry.  Lots.  Fucking buckets.  You have no idea.  (Oh SHIT!  Just remembered that all my cover art is on THE OLD HARD DRIVE!  GoddessDAMMIT!) 

So, well, that’s why I haven’t posted.  (And I don’t even want to TRY pictures on this thing.  *shudder*  Oh God.  The fucking horror.)

Now on to other things.

*  Last night was Squish’s soccer banquet.  If I could do pictures I would post Mate giving Squish her trophy.  He was very cute–and all of the parents were saying he had the patience of a saint.  I said, “You just haven’t seen him clean house yet, that’s all.”  But seriously– there were two kids, twins, whose father died last year of leukemia, and they loved Mate so much.  Mom is at a loss–she also has two teenaged girls, and they would get the kids to the field and the kids would just FLOP on the sidelines.  Mate had to CARRY the little girl onto the field and point her in the right direction to get her to play.  The little boy would sleep–just sleep–on the sidelines unless Mate propped him up and aimed him somewhere and said “Get it get it!”  And in the meantime there was another little boy–he was three maybe four years old–who would sit on Mate’s foot and cling to his leg through most of the games.  Another little girl was a butterfly– literally, through the last game she flitted from corner to corner of the field, flapping her hands.  The ball was immaterial.  And I told all the parents that Mate’s only criteria for a successful season was kids who wanted to come back and play again.  They all said that their kids would miss him a lot, but that they still wanted to play soccer, and I was so proud.  He is SUCH a good man.

*  The banquet was held at Chuck  E. Cheese.  Zoomboy played his tokens with great ingenuity and had enough tickets at the end to buy a whoopie cushion.  Our worlds may never be the same.

*  Yesterday Squish was putting her shoe on and it slipped off and she said, “Dammit!”  “What did you say?”  Mate asked and she looked at him from under lowered brows.  “I don’t want to tell you,” she said honestly.  Mate scowled.  “Well, you need to do what Chicken does–only swear in front of mom!”

*  And still Big T has no drivers license.  My brain is freezing up at the boggleness of it all.

*  Chicken too. 

*  Don’t know if I mentioned this one–if I repeat, just smack me in the head with a wet fish.  Chicken has a crush at school–he’s in her discussion group in English and she was discussing Brave New World with her group and she came home all excited.  (This is the part you may have heard before.)  “Mom, mom!  Collin (not real name!) said “orgy” today!”

 Well, they have since moved on from Brave New World to The Awakening.  “So, Chicken, has Collin said anything cool lately?”

“Yeah.  Today he said ‘lesbian’.  TWICE.  It was AWESOME!”

Gotta love Chicken.  Her latest creative endeavor features a psychiatrist for the superheroes.  The creativity is highly entertaining!

And that’s all–I’ve got to run to the bathroom, and frankly I’m afraid the blogpost is gonna disappear if I don’t press ‘Publish’.  Pray for my hard drive, folks–I’ll miss the hell out of those pictures…

So, you guys know how I love archetypes, right?  Well, I had a sudden thought about an archetype, and I may have to look this one up.  We seem to be trending in a new way, toward the villain who remakes himself into an average guy.  We could call this one a satiric archetype, but I don’t know–one of the hallmarks of the satiric archetype is often that, for all of his exposure to the big wide world, he learns nothing, and we, the audience, are left to make the conclusions. 

0 thoughts on “Woh shit!”

  1. roxie says:

    Your mate should wear white wings and a halo for Halloween! Love the soccer stories. And Zoom boy with a whoopie cushion? I hope it's really cheaply made and breaks really, really soon!!

    Keeping fingers crossed for the hard drive. Save the photos!

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I know all too well the heartbreak of the lost photos. Those digital photos come at a cost. I am regularly saving them to a flash drive. It's full and I need a new one now but it's worth it. Until that technology becomes obsolete…..

    Parents who get involved in their children's lives and activities are giving their kids such a gift. Mate is a truly good man

  3. Chris says:

    Oh, that sucks. 🙁 And makes me really happy I have Carbonite (automagically backs your stuff up offsite) – I'll send you a referral if you're ever interested in trying it.

  4. Good men are wonderful, I'm glad you have one.

    Hope your system is up and running again quickly. It really sucks to be blind.

  5. DecRainK says:

    Sorry about the comp crashing 🙁

    LOVE Squish! Told my roommate the story from today and she gave herself an asthma attack from laughing so hard.

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