Workin’ in the Word Mines…

Goin’ down down down…

Chicken’s second recital was her first fashion disaster.  She was supposed to wear a coal mining cap, and the damned thing didn’t have the foam in it to keep it on her precious little noggin.  While all the other kids were moving their tap shoes and using their little fake pick-axe props, she was trying to see over the hat that slid over her eyes.

This was before, and people said we should send that video clip into America’s Funniest Home Videos, because it was that precious.

Chicken didn’t believe it was precious.  She cried about it for days.

And that random memory was brought to you because I have had my head in my computer for the past week and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any.  I mean, it needs to change– I need to get the car serviced today and talk/cajole/beg/badger/beat my younger children into cleaning out their room, and Mate needs to take Chicken to San Diego and there is of course soccer and dance and gymnastics oh my!  But, well… a promise is a promise, and I promised I could get this one done by a certain time, and I think I have a chance of doing that.  Of course, I shall try to remember things like eating, drinking, and getting the kids their school backpacks and their clothes while I do!

Of course, Mate is gone this week– he’s at Siggraph, and it’s in LA this year.  Since I’m going to LA later in October, I figure my quota of Southern California has been reached and I saw no reason to go.  (Seriously– getting a baby sitter, deserting my children, paying for cab fare while Mate tells me he’s pretty sure the next three miles won’t kill me?  Those things should be reserved for Vancouver or Seattle or Baltimore.  NOT L.A.  He’s welcome to L.A.– but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss him!)  One of the fun things about him being gone was that he didn’t have an assistant coach this time out.  (I did some active recruiting for him.  All of the other coaches have an assistant coach, Mate needs one!!  Or two!)  We had a new mother yesterday (one of several) and she was sort of asking for some “what next?” guidance.  So I told her game basics and opening day and such.  While we were talking, we were watching both our team, and the other U10 team practicing, and I had a revelation.  While the other U10 team was wearing PRACTICE uniforms, and were doing things all in sync, and looked very paramilitary and organized, well, our team looked like…

Well, it’s hard to see, but take my word for it.  It’s not all paramilitary and shit.  So, I leaned over to her and said very confidentially, “And yeah.  Don’t expect to win a lot.  See that team over there?  They’ve had their pick of kids since they were in U6.  The coach actively recruits.  My husband takes all the other kids, the ones who don’t know what they’re doing or who have never done it before.  Last year, we got creamed 15-1.  Mate’s biggest triumph was when all those kids showed up to practice the next day, excited because they loved practice, and it made them happy.  That’s the kind of soccer team he wants it to be.  So, uhm, winning, not as high up on the list.”

She looked a little relieved.  I was happy.  I think Mate’s going to have a good year:-)

Anyway–so there’s that.  I’ve also got cover news!  Seriously– I’ve seen preliminary covers for Dex in Blue and Mourning Heaven, and I’m ALWAYS such a sucker for covers but seriously.  These are going to be prime, gorgeous shit.  I can’t wait!  (Reese Dante is doing Dex in Blue.  She did Chase in Shadow, and she’s doing this one to match.  I’ve seen the preliminary one and helped pick the cover models (since we, alas, can’t use the original Corbin Fisher guys who inspired it!) and I LOVE the guy I picked for Dex.  He didn’t look like Dex at the beginning, but I saw this sort of thoughtful, wholesome thing about him– he channels Dex, not Dru the original model, but Dex, and I love him:-)  Okay.  Enough gushing about fictional people– I need to get back to the coal mine!

Oh–but not before adding breaking news:  Squish lost a tooth.  The world shall rejoice, and that is all!

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  1. Galad says:

    Thank heavens for coaches like Mate! We always had that kind of team too, and the kids (now grown) still remember getting to learn and play.

  2. roxie says:

    Playing games. The operative word is "playing." And when they're fifty, those paramilitary kids will wonder why success after success doesn't make them happy, while Mate's team will just BE happy.

    Hooray for the books! You are the most productive writer I know. You have really found your niche, and it fits like a glove. Good on you!

    My computer is being slightly epileptic and won't load Chicken's performance. I bet it's adorable!

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I used to be the one in the stands rooting for my brother's T ball team. I don't think they won a single game but they had fun. And everyone played. Those are the teams that do what teams are supposed to do.

    I'm with you on LA. I've never been there and if the fates are good, I'll never go. It has no appeal for me. And besides, I'm not nearly thin enough for LA.

  4. A lost tooth? Did she find it?

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