Wounded, Volume 1

So, for those of you new to the Little Goddess party, well, it’s been going on a long time.

Vulnerable was my first published book and although I still have a few printed manuscripts for what were intended to be het Harlequins, Vulnerable is the book I consider my first.

I self published it–and the editing was a joke and the ending caught people by surprise–but people still loved it.  Sincerely loved it, and I realized I couldn’t stop at just one book.

Wounded was the next in the series, and the editing didn’t get any better, but people still loved it, and Wounded was followed by Bound, and then– well, then by the Bitter Moon Saga, but that’s another series–but then followed by Rampant, and The Green’s Hill Werewolves (which were sort of my warmups for M/M, even though it’s an M/M/F menage, just because the relationship between Jack and Teague was so strong)  and then by the Green’s Hill novellas series–Litha’s Constant Whim, Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost, and I Love You, Asshole. 

And finally for Quickening, which I finished this spring, and which people have been waiting for me to write for over five years.

A year and a half ago, Dreamspinner Press released a new imprint, DSP Publications, which is essentially for books that are more genre–fantasy, urban fantasy, mystery, sci-fi– than gay romance, even though LGBTQ can be a part of it.  These books fit right in, and this last year has been an effort to recover and re-edit the books and make them presentable again for you.

In the process, they managed to convince me that 200K was a little long for just one book, and maybe, just maybe, it would be a good idea to break the longer books in half.  So, that’s why this one is Wounded, Volume 1.  Because the original Wounded was pretty damned long, and when you’re selling e-books, apparently that breaks something called a price point and… (I’ll be honest. My eyes glaze over sort of, but I do know it’s a long fucking book to edit when you’re doing it right, and breaking it in half helped my teeny little brain from going splodey.)  So that’s why it’s Wounded, Volume 1, the Second book of the Little Goddess Series. Wounded, Volume 2 is going to be released at the beginning of August, so you won’t have long to wait.  (For the record, we’re doing this with Bound, Rampant, and Quickening too.  Because uh… shorter books sell better?  I swear, I get lost in the conversation every time, but when everyone from your husband to your editor to your publisher to your best friend tells you that this is a good thing, you eventually nod and go, “Okay. Yeah. That’s great!”)

But Wounded Book 1 is out– and besides the fact that my Bracken is pretty, this is where my storytelling started getting complex and interesting.  This is also where a character sort of sat up, grabbed my by the throat and said, “Uhm, excuse me. I am big, brooding, and have a ginormous penis, and I think I need a bigger part in this.”  I mean, Green did this to me too– but he was less up front. He just sort of won his way into my heart. Bracken growled and flashed his cock, and that was new for me, and I have adored him every since. So please enjoy my big growly sidhe– and my wounded little goddess who finds she can’t live without him.


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  1. roxie says:

    You won me with the Little Goddess series! Time to start buying the e-books!!

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