Wow–that fast, huh?

So today we had pizza so ZoomBoy could have a family dinner, and Big T, who didn’t get to come to Dizzyland with us could wish his little brother happy birthday. My folks came, and the conversation was entertaining, and while the party was small, it was happy. And honestly, sometimes between friends and extended family, there’s just not enough time to talk to everybody, so this was fine.

Chicken was suffering a flu/head cold, which sort of sucks because she may have given it to me (well, it also sucks for her!) but she was able to give me my thrill of the week.

While we were in Dizzyland, one of her besties had a baby. Now, my friend Ambrosia also had a baby–that I might get to hold sometime next week and I am VERY excited about this!–but this was different.

Chicken called me up and told me he was adorable and that he looked like a beat up old man (as most babies, male or female, do) and while she was talking… you guys.


I squealed, and said, “OMG THAT WAS A BA-BEEEE!!!”

And Chicken said, “Peace out, Mom. Give it up.” And then she hung up.

Tonight, as we were gathered around the pizza table, she looked at her siblings and said, “Bad news guys. Mom heard me with a baby. Big T, if you don’t pick up my slack, it’s going to be up to Squish.”

Squish looked up and raised her eyebrows. “I’m thinking no,” she said deliberately. “Not for a while.”

ZB said, “Well, the odds are fifty-fifty.”

Chicken snorted. “Give it up, ZB–you’re already hanging with the drama kids. Nobody’s going to have ovaries in your life.”

Big T shrugged. “I’m still in school.”

“It’s fine,” I said, trying to maintain my dignity. “It’s all good. I’ll never have grandchildren. I understand that.”

They all rolled their eyes–I don’t think I was fooling anyone. *sigh* But I may get to hold Ambrosia’s baby next week, and that’s going to have to tide me over.

Oh you guys, they grow up so fast. It’s no fair. ZB is sixteen and nobody’s old enough to pop out puppies.

I’m going to go hug my dogs.

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