Wow, what a weekend

Okay– so, I may just make a list–

It’s been THAT busy–and frankly, I need to spend a long time working this weekend off my body, because a lot of it was eating.




Squish decided to get her hair cut anyway–and as sad as I’ll be to ship that envelope off to the Wigs for Kids place, I have to say, she looks lovely. And growing up looks lovely on her. I think we both can deal.

Also, we got to go out to lunch with my friend, Berry Jello whom I love so very much.

And then out to dinner for Bryar’s birthday–everybody. Like, EVERYBODY got to go to Wongs. It was GREAT because my sister was there and Berry Jello and Chicken’s friend Stevi and my parents.

It was wonderful.

*happy sated sigh*


So Saturday, Squish and Mate had soccer.

And THEN we drove from the soccer field to a small country faire in Rio Linds (Levee Oaks, for those who remember the Promise Rock books) There was a Johnny Cash tribute band called the Cash Prophets–and yeah. The lead singer really DID sound like Johnny Cash.

Today–after sleeping in with the dogs a little– Mate and I got to take Damon Suede out to… well food. Mostly it was food. I guess because that’s just what the weekend was. Steak and that place where you get the ice cream sandwich in the doughnut and churros made of fruity pebbles

He professed to be enchanted and I’m going to take his word for it.

I had a wonderful conversation and my friend made me feel like I did him a favor which was funny, because he saved Mate and I from an everyday average Sunday and made it extraordinary.

So yeah.



I need to finish the goddamned book.

And then I need to work out a little. Because I’m probably ten pounds up after that weekend!

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