Wreck of the Menstrual Cycle

So, after hanging out with the girls today and going to the yarn store then coming home to watch Working Girl, I was ready to go with Mate for dinner and a movie.

But, well, you read the title.  We had to come home after dinner so I could change, and I just wasn’t ready to put on a whole new date outfit.

Besides– @Midnight was on, and that’s always fun.

Seriously– after RT and the pace I was running (or not running, because I was sick for two weeks!) hanging out to watch movies is just SO seductive. And Chicken is here. And Squish needs me. And…

And then, oh, angry heavens, Dirty Dancing was on!

I’ve been seriously trying to watch that movie from beginning to end for about two years.  Tonight was my night.

“Nobody puts baby in a corner!”

“That’s a real grown-up name, Frances.”

“I carried a watermelon?”

“I didn’t do the lift…”

“Stay alive, no matter what occurs, and I will find you!”

Wait… there’s something wrong with that last one…

Oh!  Yeah!

Last of the Mohicans.  

Heh heh heh…

Maybe that’s a movie for tomorrow!

But for tonight, there needs to be lots and lots of writing.  And maybe more movies tomorrow.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Donja' just LOVE it when 'Aunt Flo' comes for a visit without a bit of warning? (Oh maybe there are clues, but we're all running at the Speed of Life and they get ignored for the most part!) If you're gonna grab the knitting and snuggle into "Last Of The Mohicans" ya' just need to grab "Dances With Wolves" and make it a double-header! Here's I'll make the popcorn! 🙂

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