Yanno… stuff!

I feel bad, subjecting y’all to those hairy shins for so long (although, I must admit, I sorta like a tangle of hairy shins, visually that is!) so I’m going to blog about inconsequential weirdness for  a few, and try to find a pretty/shiny picture to distract you.  Theryago.  Thor (as played by Chris Hemsworth).  I liked the movie, I think Kenneth Brannagh really wanted to make it totally epic and succeeded, and i think listening to Chris Hemsworth talk was worth the price of admission.  REALLY love his voice–fell in love with him from the moment he played Kirk’s dad in the new Star Trek.  *swoon*

But anyway…

*  This is Hello Kitty, in a rainbow outfit.  I dunno why, but I thought she was precious.  Forgive me!

 *  To the right (if blogger/fucker formats right!) are not only a couple of hairy shins, but my two prototype socks (not, repeat NOT the matching socks I knit and whose pattern I documented, which I sent to be photographed) except one of them has been photoshopped to make me look like less like an incompetent moron.  I don’t think that was the photographer’s intention–I think he thought it was sort of cute, and quaint–nana’s homemade socks don’t match, get it?  But I have to say that as sort of a representative of my craft, I was more than a little bit embarrassed.  I can live with this picture.  In fact, I LIKE this picture–and I hope anyone who tries to follow the pattern in the story can forgive me if the one on the right in the picture doesn’t look like the one on the left!  I assure you that the socks knit up with only one bit of asymmetry– the fish eye knit/purl pattern on one sock is in the opposite place on the other.  Because I thought it would be cute:-)

    Zoomboy greeted me with this, yesterday morning, as he was putting on his shoes:  “Mom, I had a nightmare about a gark.  Alas, he was more aggressive shark than gentle gorilla.”  I’m still blinking over that.  It was pretty awesome.

Squish got her teeth worked on–and I got my nerves worked on.  Squish’s birth sign is an Aries, and mine is a Libra, and dealing with my stepmom, (although I admire her and love her a lot!) should have warned me that having an Aries baby was going to be a challenge.  It is.  She’s absolutely sure that her Libran parents are completely full of shit, do not know what they’re talking about, have NEVER known what they are talking about, and if she wasn’t telling us where to go in the car or why she can have something to drink when she’s still dribbling down her front, she would not be able to live with herself.  *headdesk*  I’m giving her to Chicken during the teen years.  That way, we might BOTH survive.

Chicken got accepted into San Diego Institute of the Arts–where she’s going to learn computer animation, and get a bachelors degree in science and… well, be away from me, mostly, but I’m so happy for her.  She’s pictured here in the con-dress my stepmom made for her–it’s a French Maid’s costume, and she looks adorable–and it’s VERY anime, and she’s thrilled, both with the costume, and with the acceptance.  Of course, both of us are gonna hate that first separation.  It’s gonna suck, but my baby’s going to go make her dreams come true.  How awesome is that?

And Big T?  Well, bless his heart– he told us he was taking the bus somewhere today.  He didn’t tell us it was to a friend who’s in cosmetology school and always looking for someone who wants a $5 haircut.  He looks awesome–and smaller, because baby, that was a LOT of hair!

And other than that?  We went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tonight, and REALLY loved it.  I mean REALLY loved it!  I got that whole art-shiver thing that happens when media gestalt (that combination of actors, script, cinematography, direction, etc.) REALLY kicks in and makes us shake.  Loved it.  Parts of it were disturbing (there is one scene in particular that has been well publicized that I won’t go into) but much of it was really really brilliant, even the melancholy ending, which I sort of loved.

And in book news?  Well, I finished the edit of Super Sock Man–and added a couple of scenes that I thought REALLY added to the original product.  One of them was, uhm, REALLY hot, and the other?  Well, let’s just say that it makes the fade from Super Sock Man to Chase in Shadow just that much more believable.  Editing isn’t always glamorous, but in this case, I felt the ending REALLY needed work–and then I think I made it work, and I was proud.


I’m working on a story about the three fates… and the descendent of Thor… and a bike messenger in San Francisco and a workaholic business man.  *happy sigh*  My job does have it’s stresses, true–but I do love my job!  ‘Night!

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  1. roxie says:

    Your job totally rocks! You earn money by leaving reality.

    Yayyyy for Chicken!! Whoop, whoop! She has been such help with Zoomboy and Squish. They are going to have to make a big adjustment.

    And hooray for Big T. He's gonna stand a better chance at getting a job now that he looks like a tidy young man, not a fluffy giant Hobbit.

    Thor is gooood eye candy. Chris Hemsworth. Yum.

  2. DecRainK says:

    that is a lot of family news.
    Congrats to Chicken. to Zoomboy I say: A gark????? THat is a lot of hair gone from Big T and Squish… well I've said it before, she is going to rule the world.

    I agree with you on Chris Hemsworth. soooo yummy and that voice … oh dear Lord, yay! lol

    new book sounds interesting, can;t wait to read it!

  3. Galad says:

    So excited for Chicken!! I know you will miss her but also be bursting with pride.

    Gark is my new word for the day – what an imagination!

    Since I have an Aries daughter I can only say hang on!

  4. Donna Lee says:

    I raised an Aries daughter and I agree. Challenging. She was born with her nose against the glass looking out to see what was ahead and she hasn't stopped since.

    I tried to read The GWTDT three times and can't get past the beginning. It loses me.

    And yea, Thor. He has a mighty hammer…..

  5. How soon before your little bird flies away? (That's pretty awesome.)

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