So I’ve always been pretty clear about the difference between my writing and my knitting. 
With my writing, I start a project, work to the end, finish the project, and find a place for it.
I feel like I have to do this–it keeps me productive, and, let’s face it, when you’re working from home–with all your favorite distractions– having a productivity schedule and keeping to it can be critical.  
But with my knitting? 
Any damned thing I want. 
I probably have fifty projects in my archives–and don’t even get me talking on my sock archives. 
If I get depressed– SHINY! If I go on a trip–SHINY! If I need a specific type of knitting for a specific event–SHINY!  
I follow the shiny all the way down the yarn-hoarders hole, and damn the torpedoes!
Which brings me to the thing I’m working on right now.
In a way, it’s one of the most frustrating things about myself.  Bar none.
I know what works. In knitting and writing–I know how to follow a pattern. I know what formula works. I’ve written the formula before just like I’ve followed the pattern, and the results have been pleasing.
The problem is…
I go off script. 
I LIVE off script.
“Oh yes, you should never combine variegated colors of anything because it’s just not going to look like you want it to.”
“Don’t kill the third person or vampire in a trio.”
“Why would you make a sweater without a ruler, or an instruction book?”
“Wait–he’s NOT going to end up with the guy he fell in love with as a fourteen year old in a rock band?”
“I don’t even want to know how you think those colors go together.”
“Oh for Christ’s sake, Amy–you KILLED OFF BOTH MC’S!”
“You do realize that if you wash that, one of those colors is going to shrink and the other one… won’t.”
“Did you have to kill the fucking horse?”
“You know… there’s LOTS of patterns out there for what you’re trying to do. Lots. So many. You have no idea. Here… links. Lots of links. So many to choose from.So… many… “
“I have never heard of anyone who bought a book because of a coaster.”
And so on.
I irritate myself with my inability to stick to the script or listen to reason.
And yet…
I don’t.
And sometimes, this works out well. I mean, Beneath the Stain, Keeping Promise Rock, Bonfires–I’m proud of those books, and they all broke some sort of rule about romance–the MC’s MUST end up together if they start out together, NO cheating, EVERYBODY needs to be under thirty– dude.  
The circular shawl I posted pictures of, the shawl with all the ribbon yarn Chicken modeled, the big shawl with the Celtic knot cable, and, hey, all those adorable K-Pop mitts I made last year–those were pretty appealing.  (I spent an embarrassing amount of time looking for the picture of Chicken wearing the ribbon-yarn shawl. Alas, the pictures are gone, which is too bad. I really liked it))
And sometimes the off-script thing DOESN’T work.
Immortal, for example. Didn’t really sell. At all. Because it was sad. And written in dialect. And for Christ’s sake, Amy, do you know anything about romance at ALL?
And I can’t for the life of me explain my devotion to these projects–whether in fiber or prose–except to say that I love them deeply, unreasonably, and madly. 
And this shawl is no exception.  
I’m calling it Storm Surge, because the colors really are turbulent, but when all is said and done, the whole shawl really should look like the ebb and flow of disparate tides on the same shore.
So there you go.
We had soccer this weekend, Mate’s modeling Lederhosen, I wrote 8K in two days…
And I’ve been thinking about my friends in Florida, and Praying for the best for them…
And crocheting Storm Surge. 

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  1. K. Tuttle says:

    I love your writing and passion… but I also, sometimes, fear what I'll find in your deeply angsty stuff. In a good way, promise! A Solid Core of Alpha was the first one that pulled the ugly sobbing out of me, and Hammer and Air gave me a glimpse of how the happily-ever-after could end bittersweet. Those are great writings that I don't regret reading, but may never read again, mostly from my own cowardice. But while chocolate is fun and sweet, broccoli and such keeps the body healthy and regular, and your work in its entirety shows that off. Overuse of metaphors aside, I'm really glad to have found your books and whatever you're doing works, so keep up the good work!

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