*yawn* That was swell!

Remember when we were little, and we wanted all the presents and all the candy and all the sweets? We wanted a thousand Christmas celebrations and a thousand family members and all the hoopla in the world?

Well, we’re all a little older now–even the teenagers–and we have simpler wants.

The kids wanted clothes, because they don’t get them that often, and they loved what they got. They wanted about one toy a piece–because they both have phones, and they know they’re lucky, and they’re constantly entertained. We got the older kids kitchen appliances–a toaster oven for Big T, and a blender/mixer wand for Chicken.

Everybody got a book or two.

And of course, chocolate in the stockings.

It was small. Dinner at my house, breakfast at my parents, with games afterwards. Back here at my house in the afternoon, where we all ate candy and hung out in a monosyllabic pack, huddling under blankets and hoping the animals would sleep on us! Us! Us! because they were WARM that’s why!

It was a couple of lovely, peaceful, kindness filled days–and my family makes me proud.

And this morning? I post-Christmas miracle– the guy came to fix the heater!!! Can everybody say hurray? Oh my God–I forgot what it was like to feel my toes!!! And as an additional blessing–hot water! I got a hot shower AND toes!  I hope I never take things like heat and cool and a roof over my head and children who love me for granted.

In the important things, I am so very blessed.

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