yeah yeah… *whine*

Okay–inspired by Kiss My Frog Kate (lovely woman!) I was going to write that Brutus/Cassius slashfic because, well, it would be a whole lot of fun! Alas, real life intruded–I got my galleys for ‘If I Must’ and OI! have my editors served me well in the past! It’s just so embarrassing pulling up my galleys and finding blue balloons (used to track changes in word) all over my paper… nothing says ‘Colossal Pain in the Ass’ more than an entire paper full of deleted ellipses and dashes–the surefire mark of the immature writer, I guess. (Or is it just my writing style? I don’t know… I’m not feeling enough kinship with Emily Dickinson on this piece to start arguing the punctuation as artistic right idea. Sometimes, yes. Absolutely. Sometimes, standard punctuation is just fine.)

Anyway, all of a sudden I was quivering-eyeball-deep in my galleys, and I realized “HOLY CARP! I WAS GOING TO BLOG TONIGHT!” And it’s BLOGTOBERFEST–which means that all of you probably have VOLUMES for me to catch up on… I’m SO BEHIND! A last minute stop at the grocery store didn’t help (okay–it took an hour. It was a full-out weekly trip, except I did it at nine-o’clock at night.) And there was a staff meeting today which…

Yeah. Okay. What can I say. Life got between me and the hot Shakespearian Manschmex. I’ll make it up to you all– I swear.

But first, I’ll leave you all with some more burning cuteness:

Bone Daddy fell asleep at six-o’clock last night. (Lucky goober–just sayin’!) This morning when he woke up (fully clothed!) he said, “I skipped my shower–I took a nap and slept until night.” Okay–it was cute. Maybe you had to be there?

And Ladybug… damn. She sat on my lap for twenty-minutes this evening and told me stories and asked for kisses. I’m hoping my picture loads–it’s sideways, but you can still see it. Damn, she’s beautiful.

And now that I’ve distracted you from my short post with my lovely three-year-old, I’m going back to editing until my eyeballs bleed. fun!

0 thoughts on “yeah yeah… *whine*”

  1. Donna Lee says:

    She has an infectious smile, that one.
    And now I'll never look at balloons quite the same way, I'll think "ooh, what needs to be changed?"

  2. roxie says:

    She has a smile just like her mother. What a pretty, pretty girl!

    Editing till your eyeballs bleed? Eeeeew – there's a scarey picture! And a great Halloween look for a teacher. "I've been reading your essays, and it hasn't been easy."

  3. I definitely overuse dashes. Probably elipses, too. Drat.

  4. TinkingBell says:

    Cute cute cute

    and I'm a dash girl too – but only a few!

  5. BoneDaddy was ready for the next day. Way ahead of his time.

  6. Galad says:

    Even sideways she's beautiful!

    Editing doesn't sound like any fun at all – kind of like doing housework.

    Yes, I'm a dash girl too. Glad I don't have an editor.

  7. So does that make me a muse or just a nag? 😉

    Nice distraction technique – I'm a total sucker for cute redheads. Edit away, my dear – I can sympathise, as I'm a bit partial to both the dash and the ellipsis myself. Besides, who am I to get between you and the great and good world of paid writing? Brutus and Cassius will wait. I just didn't want you to forget about them.

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