yes, Yes, YES!!!

So last week at soccer, there was an accident with the supply wagon when Mate was manning the snackbar, and we had a little of this:
Now don’t get too upset, folks– she’s fine.  She had a black eye and a scrape across the chest, but all in all, I was looking forward to the end of the season.  Which was this weekend.  And the the weather looked like this:

Which sucked, because, as you can see, we were still out in it, playing soccer.  What REALLY sucked was that Mate was out in it all morning, setting up the field, because he’s a board member.  So he looked like this:
For about five hours.
  What REALLY REALLY sucked was that I arrived at the field with Squish, whom I thought had the first game, and looked for him.  And looked for him.  And didn’t find him.  So I called him up and said, “It’s a home game, right?”  And he said, “Yes!”  And I said, “Because she’s out there looking for you, and she doesn’t see you!”
And he said, “SHE?  It’s ZOOMBOY’S GAME!  And it STARTS 
IN FIVE MINUTES!”  And then the inside of mom’s head looked like this:

And then there was much confusion.
We resolved the confusion eventually, and Zoomboy played for the win.  And Mate was like: 
And THEN there was the next game.  The next game was Squish’s game.  It rained even harder.  Squish went out for one quarter, and she came back looking like this: 
And everyone was like, “Awww…. Squish, it’s okay if you don’t want to go out and play again!”  And her father and I were like, “Go out and play like all of the other drowned kittens out on that field!”  And Squish was like, “No.”
 “Don’t you want to play?” 
“Your friends are all out on that field.” 
“You stay warmer if you move around.”  
“Oh, come on, sweetheart, toughen up!”  
So, well, that was the end of that.  She played first quarter, and that was the end.  There was no celebration for the win, no cavorting with her fieldmates in the freezing cold, there was only the marrow-deep conviction that this entire attempt to play soccer had been a terrible mistake, and we were all fucked in the head.  I was sort of with her on that last part, but, well, don’t tell Mate.
Anyway, after all of that playing in the rain, 

 *happy sigh*  This is “Ethan” (okay, his real fake porn name is Aiden, but he’s cute, and he got me through the weekend, and I thought he should get to come out and play a little on the blog.  He’s the model I’m basing Ethan on.  He’s really frickin’ adorable.  Welcome to the family, Ethan!)

But Ethan has a point– after all of that playing in the rain, it was time for post-game pizza and awards ceremony!  And, of course, for coach to get his props!  Which he did, after saying all sorts of nice things about his boys, and having all the parents say all sorts of nice things about him!

Of course, that wasn’t the only pizza we had coming that weekend, but first, Sunday morning, there was the final round of cootie-geddon, which I don’t want to talk about because, well, cootie-geddon.  How wonderful is THAT going to get?  (Actually, we’re using this rather interesting product for cootie-geddon that smells like peppermint oil.  I sort of like it.  Yeah, we know I’m twisted, why?)  And then, after cootie-geddon, Mate and Squish had (what else?) a Kings game.

And then, after that, THEN there was pizza, round two.  And here, at pizza round two, we see Squish with her coach, who told the entire world that she learned a whole lot about coaching from Squish’s dad, who coached her daughter (and Squish) last year in the U6 team.  I thought that was really nice, and when Mate and Squish coach and another soccer mom whom I adore (and who is another board member) all started talking shop, I was okay with that.  They’d earned it, and they were enjoying themselves. 
But that didn’t stop me from texting Mary with, “Now that soccer is over, I have to admit, I am SO over soccer!”
And Mary sent me pictures that looked like this:

And all of these things made mom happy!!!!
But that didn’t stop her from wanting to go home and snuggle down with some of this.  
I ended up writing instead, but at least I’ve got pictures!

This is Gordie, who loves to hunker down on Chicken’s sweater in progress.
She says it’s because he knows it’s hers.

 And so soccer is over.  And hence, the title of the blog.  yes yes YES!!!!!  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor kids! And Mate. Damn…. chilled to the bone!

  2. Christy Duke says:

    I don't blame Squish…..only so much cold and freezing you can get! Yay for Zoomboy. Oh, and Mom – cuz YES, soccer is over 😉

  3. roxie says:

    Thank God for the end of soccer and cootie-geddon!

    Hooray for pretty boys. And hip, hip hooray for Mate! What a super trooper he is!

    Cold and raining? Welcome to my winter. You know the people that hold signs all day at road construction sites? You know those miserable steers standing out in the winter field, hopeless, miserable, and broken by the cold? They have the same look in the eye.

  4. roxie says:

    By the way, this woman is bat-shit crazy in the very best way, and I think you will particularly enjoy the first picture in her latest post.

  5. Donna Lee says:

    As much as I enjoyed keeping a folding chair in the back of my car at all times for games and running frantically from field to field after work to catch some of said games, I always felt soooo glad when the last soccer game was over!

    Especially as the weather turned colder and my "frail fragile flowers of femininity" were able to stop running around in the rain.

  6. One of Grilltech's favorite sayings is I grew up in Washington, if you didn't do it in the rain, you didn't do it. Personally I like warm rain, not the winter bone chilling cold rain.

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