You Got That Right…

Mate was reading his phone this morning.  I came in and read over his shoulder.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“Sports news.”

“Bout whom?”

He laughed, because, you know. I apparently don’t know my football players.  “Aaron Rodgers.  He’s a football player for Green Bay.”

“Oh– did he get traded?”

“No– he’s dating someone hot.”

“Ooh… anyone I know?”

“Olivia Munn.”

“Who is she?”

“She’s in that show– the Aaron Scorsese one on HBO… you know, we used to watch it?”

“Aaron Scorsese?”

“Yeah!  You know the one– had Bill Pullman? Or Bill Paxton in it. It was called the Field of Journalism or something.”

“Don’t you mean Martin Scorsese?”

“No… wait. Not him. Not Scorsese.  It was about news.”

And it all clicked into place for me.

“The Newsroom!”


“Directed by Aaron Sorkin.”


“Staring Jeff Daniels.”

“Yes.”  Beat.  “I didn’t get anything right, did I?”

“Aaron Rodgers,”  I said.  “You got him.”

“And Olivia Munn.”

Yup.  He got that right.

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