You know it’s November when…

… The cats become determined to pet you with their fluffy furry bodies, so that you’re not inclined to throw them outside in the cold.

… You realize your body can no longer tolerate pizza–and yet you have at least three after-soccer pizza parties to attend.

…You try to remember if these are really the only jeans you own.

…You’re on the edge of your seat waiting for you Christmas release.

…You make stupid plans to cook your own turkey even though you’re going somewhere else for Thanksgiving.

…You start wondering exactly how cold it has to be to make you change from iced coffee to hot mocha. (I suspect I would have to live in Michigan.)

…Your circadian rhythms keep trying to make you sleep at six o’clock at night.

…You lose half a pair of fingerless mitts that you made especially for yourself this year.

…You find half a pair of last year’s fingerless mitts that in no way match this year’s.

… You are too deep into Christmas knitting to take three days to knit yourself another pair.

…You think, “Gee, the kids are tired– they need a break!” without realizing it’s two days before Thanksgiving vacation.

…You have to spend fifteen minutes in the hot tub after aqua or your feet will cramp too bad to walk to the shower.

…It’s not close enough to Thanksgiving to use your Thanksgiving clipart, but you have nothing else to post a picture of.

…All you want to do is sit and knit and cuddle and knit and catch up on all the shows you’ve gotten behind on in the fall.

…You panic, because, Holy Goddess, there’s only a month until Christmas, and you have all the knitting to do!

…You also panic because you’re supposed to write 2,000 words a night.

Goodnight everybody!

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