You know that..

Notice Geoffie looking at him in
adoration ๐Ÿ˜‰

…you are bored on the internet when you suddenly find yourself desperately in need of a brightly colored pair of harem pants.

…your husband is immersed in a multiplayer RPG when “The door is open and the mosquitos are coming in,” sounds a lot like, “Shoot that guy or I’m gonna die.”

… your youngest daughter suspects you of not paying attention at her soccer games when she starts quizzing you on the plays.

… your younger son got his little heart crushed again when the very mention of the Valentine dance makes his big brown eyes get all wet and shiny and sad.

Nope. Ain’t moved.

… your grown son is truly growing when he goes and gets his hair cut in an effort to not look like a serial killer. (That last one is purely mom’s supposition.)

…you have taught your grown daughter well when she comes up with especially colorful phrases in her Kylo Ren/Hux hatesex fanfic.

… your dogs are frickin’ obnoxious when you see a Newfie roll it’s eyes as the small one goes batshit, and the turkeys don’t think “bowling for turkeys” is a real game.

…you live in a shitty neighborhood when you see the same car in the same place you saw it before you left for a week–and it doesn’t look capable of moving. (This isn’t my street or I would have done the shrill bitchy neighbor thing and reported it.)

…you are almost recovered from a con when you feel capable of going back to working out. (So, tomorrow, hello aqua!)

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