You’ll never guess what day it is!!!

Believe it or not, Big T carved that pumpkin this weekend–I was so pleased, especially since we’d sort of agreed that we weren’t getting real pumpkins this year.  Mate had carved some fake ones last year, and they’re sweet and sort of goofy and everything, and really, isn’t that the purpose of fake pumpkins?  But then I went out for milk and dogwood, and… and… it was five dollars.  FIVE DOLLARS!  And it was huge and gorgeous and the kids were decorating the front of the house and…

And it’s beautiful.  The short people helped gut it, and Big T spent hours on it, and I’m so pleased.  For one thing, whenever I tried to do this, moons and moons ago, the results were less than spectacular.  So there you go.  Bargain basement pumpkin, department store results!

And other than that?  We know what day it is!  Don’t forget to click the gargoyle icon Here! if you want to read a free Halloween story.  The story features James and Rafi, from It’s Not Shakespeare and I was very pleased, because the free shorts get taken down tomorrow, but I asked (in time!) and they’re going to put the freebie at the end of the novella e-book, and so you can read it if you miss it for free.

And other than that?  I’ll try to take pictures of the short people–they should be adorkable!  And Chicken was dressed steampunk this morning– she looked fanTASTIC which is nice, because she’s got soccer practice tonight, and will miss out on much of the festivities.  (We’re very depressed about this.  Her team lost what should have been a slam dunk this weekend.  Coach was not pleased.  Halloween was cancelled for the U19 girls team… very sad.)  And in the meantime…

Happy Halloween!

0 thoughts on “You’ll never guess what day it is!!!”

  1. roxie says:

    Big T rocks! Great carving skills. So who hands out the candy. and who takes out the kids?

  2. DecRainK says:

    Wow, great pumpkin!

  3. Big T did a wonderful job. I'm a bit sad for Chicken.

  4. Donna Lee says:

    We did not have a pumpkin this year. Just forgot to get one and suddenly the holiday was here.

    I wore my minimalist costume to work (t shirt with haunted neighborhood and headband with ghosts flying over my head) but no one else at work did. We seem to be losing the spirit.

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