zomg zomg zomg

TELL me you see what I’m talking about!

Okay– for the record–I LOVED the cover to Making Promises… I just couldn’t figure out why it looked a little bit familiar. That’s okay though–Hercules and Iolus hit my slash button before I knew I had one. It’s like kismet or something, right?

0 thoughts on “zomg zomg zomg”

  1. Unknown says:

    lol- Perfect!
    Write more, write faster… ok- have a life too :p We're greedy! Though I admit your books are the ones I have re-read the most over the last 12 months… Luvs you!
    (((hugs))) kat

  2. molli says:

    Oh yes, I totally see it!!! Glad I'm not the only Herc/Iolaus slasher 🙂

  3. roxie says:

    Are you saying that Hercules and Iolus were, like, – Greek – about it? NO! Not Herc! Xena and Gabrielle, maybe. but Hercules and Iolus? Noooooooo! They were just friends!!

  4. cosmonaut says:

    This made me laugh. Man, do I miss Kevin Sorbo, what a hottie. And you're right,definite similarities.

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