ZoomBoy and the Phone

Very quick post tonight–

ZoomBoy has a phone. Or rather, ZoomBoy has MY old Microsoft Phone that we used to call the cockroach of phones, because it refused to die. 
We also called it the “phablet” because it’s pretty big.
Anyway– his dad took him and his sister to see their grandma today, and I stayed home and worked. That didn’t stop ZB from giving his phone a workout though–

 ZB: Mom, she read until one in the morning.

Me: Well, she’s tired.

ZB: I wish I had a pen to draw a mustache on her.

Me: Gimme a sec….

ZB: Good photoshop, mom!

ZB: If you feed it after midnight, you’ll run out of cat food for eternity.

Me: Very funny. Tell Chicken.

Chicken: Mom, he’s been texting me all day.

Me: Well, it was a pretty good picture.

Chicken: Cat Noir

— so, yeah.  I foresee lots of hilarity to come!

And then there’s this picture of Gordie that I posted on Instagram, along with the caption, “Somebody give this cat some fucks…”

I left out the part “As you can see, he has none of his own to give…”

I figured that was self-explanatory.

And that’s about it for the night, folks–

Too much FB takeover, not enough writing!

Night all!

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