ZoomBoy ho!!!!

A short post tonight–I spent some awesome time chatting with a friend over Skype so awe could crochet– believe it or not this was a big deal for me!

Anyway– ZoomBoy.

Today Chicken and I went to Target today to buy chocolate.

Almost completely chocolate–for kids. For fun. And Easter. Because I won’t have time the week before Easter to shop.

Anyway– we hit there, and then we hit the grocery store. and then we got home and Chicken had a place to go afterwards, and I was DONE.

Anyway– we walked in the house and I called for Squish and ZoomBoy to come help put away groceries. ZoomBoy–being the good kid he is– came charging down the hallway, sounding like a herd of elephants.

So we heard that sound… followed by WHOOSH! THUMP! CRASH!

“Oh my God, ZoomBoy–are you okay?”


Followed by a wadded up sock, sailing across the living room.

He ran outside to empty the car, leaving Chicken and I blinking.

“Alrighty then,” I said.

“All socks are stupid and shall die,” she said. “I can buy that.”

So, now you know.

All socks are stupid and shall die!

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