I talk about Zoomboy and Squish a lot on social media– but I have to say.

ZoomBoy surprises me every day.

He’s growing so tall– but his geeky sense of humor hasn’t changed.

He’s so smart– but he’s so cuddly too.

I worried about middle school– peer groups can be so hard. But on the first day he found Sam, and after that, they had Andy. I worried about that too– but I met Andy today, and he had a Batman sweatshirt on, and I thought, “Aha! ZoomBoy has found his peer group!”

And it’s true– between that and the chess club, he is having a good time.

ZoomBoy has an infectious smile, and he loves it when I call the dogs “Assholes!”

He’s failing English, but he’s passing science and he’s doing really well in math.

ZoomBoy just needs a few reminders and some calming down, and he can do really well in almost anything.

He loves to play with little kids– he’d rather do that than anything besides fight with his sister.

And play with the dogs.

And watch sci-fi.

And memorize facts about video games.

He still can’t make it through an entire soccer game while paying attention.

But he’s getting really good at dance.

ZoomBoy’s room looks like a bomb hit it (but I’ve been talking with other mothers online and I understand it’s supposed to look like that. Something about the stench that comes from his pits and feet and twelve and other things that apparently mean a path to the door is pushing my luck.)

ZoomBoy zens out doing legos, and wanted two pieces of pie even though he couldn’t eat them.

He played laser tag with all the people– his sister, his sister’s friend, his two friends.  And he got a trinket at the end.

And he asked me for a picture of him from when he was a baby this week– he needed it for school.

And I almost cried, because I had to remember– he’s not my baby anymore. He’s a big boy, growing taller every day.  He knows you shouldn’t get hit in the nads and he loves wrestling and he’s had crushes on pretty girls.

And he’s twelve today.

And eleven years ago, when we called him the Cave Troll, because Mate and I were outnumbered and another kid was overkill, I just could not imagine that he’d ever be this big.

Or that he’d be this awesome.

Or that I’d love him this much.

But I do.

Happy Birthday, Zoomboy.

God, could you slow down a little in the growing department? You’re breaking mama’s heart!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Carol Burnett once said that having a child was like your heart coming out of your chest, growing legs and walking around. One day, it would walk off. She's right. However, what she didn't mention was how those little hearts call us when things are scary, no matter how old they are. How they send us goofy cards and memes, call us for beloved recipes because they've invited others over and want to share a favorite memory from childhood.

    Happy Birthday, ZB! May you emerge from Middle School AND High School with your sense of humor intact, your love of life undimmed and your mom's heart neither broken or battered any more than you can help! Gentle Hugs!

  2. E.J. Russell says:

    And may you never stop dancing!

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