Zzzzzz…– and Z. Allora

I may start declaring a blogging moratorium on the day I get back from a business trip, because seriously…

What do I have to blog about?
“Well, this morning I got up, got the kid to school, took the dogs for a walk, sat down to work and zzzzzzzz….”
“And I got up, got the kids, got home, sat down for a minute to watch some cartoons with them and Zzzzzzzz…”
“And now, at 12 a.m., I’m going to go to bed and–“
Yeah– you get the picture.
Pretty much nothing to do but sleep.
I have a really excellent memory of YC that I didn’t mention and I need to.
Yesterday, as I was hauling my stuff out to the car, I got up to the floor level, managed the suitcase up the half-level of steps, into the elevator, out of the elevator, and across the car port only to realize that I’d left my keys in the room and had to do the same thing over again.
But on the way back the second time, I met Z. Allora– author of Lock and Key. 
She and her husband helped me to my car and she reminded me of this–
Back during my second Yaoi-Con, she arrived a little bit exhausted and punchy from the plane ride from China.  She’d read Locker Room on the way.
And she was so excited to meet me. 
I remember her because it’s hard not to–she’s adorable and bubbly, and such a beautiful presence.  
And as we were unloading bags and walking back (I mean she and her husband were on their way to eat when they saw me) she told me what a thrill this year was for her. She had her own booth this year, and her own publishing company and books that she’d written to market.
And she was at the same con I was.
Now, I know all of my own flaws and all of the things I’ve done wrong in my life, personally and professionally, and often they weigh me down like invisible and defunct wings.
But if I did or said anything to Z. Allora that helped make it possible for her to be at this con, marketing her own books, excited about writing and the business and all of the lovely, amazeballs madness that ensues?
I’ve done something good.
So thanks, Z. Allora– you helped me remember what it’s like to be proud and excited and bubbly and anticipating all of the amazing things yet to be written, yet to be read.  
And seriously– thanks for the help back to my car. The second time after I went back and got my keys would have totally sucked without you 😉

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