on March 10, 2010

Or I guess I should say ‘Showertime!’ since our bathroom is still (!!!) under construction. (But getting closer every day–honest! Seriously–I can see daylight in this matter!!!) Anyway, Squish has come down with a case of pee-pee irritation–it basically means she can’t hold her pee-pee for squat, and is going through clothes like you wouldn’t… Read More

It wasn’t a gold statue…

on March 8, 2010

But my mom gave Mate and I the night off by taking the kids on Saturday, and it was damned close! Woot! We went out to dinner, skipped the movie, and commenced the quality mom & dad time. One word. Two syllables. AWESOME. My stepmom had a moment though. She was trying to explain how… Read More

Two Worlds Collide

on March 5, 2010

You knew it was going to happen. It’s happened before, but usually not because of a slip of the tongue, and it happened again. My day job and my moonlighting job clashed badly. The good news was, no one who heard it happen knew it for what it was. The word was ‘turgid’ (okay– yeah,… Read More

It’s a drive by blogging…

on March 4, 2010

OKay… I had a long post, all self indulgent and shit, whining about reviews again, but even *I* got tired of that crap, so it never saw the light of day. And then Mate took my computer during prime blogging time to fix it–or to put a new keyboard on it–so I don’t really have… Read More

Yeah, but what does that mean in sales?

on March 1, 2010

I love getting good reviews–I’m really happy with the good professional reviews. But I have NO idea how that translates into things like marketability or sales or telling people who said they wanted to be my agent and then changed their minds “Hey–you were so wrong you made a thumb up your ass look right!”… Read More