A partial list of things…

That the Cave Troll saw…

A giraffe
A lion
A tiger
Bat rays
The ocean
Thomas The Tank Engine
Daffy Duck
Bugs Bunny
Two different hotel rooms
His sister, next to him, for many many hours…

That we forgot…

Socks for mom
Shoes that fit for Ladybug
My sense of humor the night Mate didn’t order enough pizza
My ball winder because the lady at the Carmel yarn shop spazzed out when there were three people at the store and I wanted to start knitting with that new mountain colors NOW…
Bottles and formula (Really? Yes really.)
To throw the nectarines on the counter away before we left. (Yuch.)

That I have to do in the next six days…
Hair cuts for everybody
school supplies for everbody and mama
Candy to throw for mama
Finish the next chapter of BITTERMOON so I’ll be done with part 1, which, for the panicked, is twice as long as part 2 will be–it will still be a February releas.
Shoes and clothes for T
Extra snuggling for the little ones–they hate the end of summer.
To watch ‘Pooh’s Grand Adventure’ and sob like an idiot like I do every fucking year.
To send a letter to the nice lady at Imajinn publishing that apologizes for waffling like a complete and utter moron, but that she should probably delete VULNERABLE from her files RIGHT NOW and not (her words) waste her time on my manuscript because (my words) I can not even envision a world in which I would want to edit 28 pages off of my work in order to make it fit her publishing requirements. (For those of you screaming at me and tearing their hair out, the odds of her actually offering me a contract were slim to none, and it’s a lot easier to stand up for my artistic integrity if I don’t see this year’s Christmas money waving itself in front of my nose.)
Laundry. Laundry. Laundry. And some more goddamned laundry.
Gifts for my buddy who is getting married on Saturday–her first husband (whose name is now and forever Fuckhead, FH for short) was a complete, well, you get the picture, and the guy she’s with now totally rocks, and her two kids and his one kid will make a beautiful family and I’m so happy for her…I hope Fuckhead wakes up one day and realizes that he was a total asshole, but really, to see her happy, that makes that other thing just a little candy on the icing on the cake.
Write a lesson plan for the first week of school. I’ve got a good one involving Bowling for Soup and Springsteen… I’m all aflutter.
Print out my transcripts because, Holy Goddess, I’m done with those purple yakshit classes.
Clean the house. (ha ha, hee hee, ha ha hooo… sniff…wipe away tears of hysterical laughter…)
Did I mention the goddamned laundry?
Come up with a main ‘house’ project, because right now, the world is all socks, and I’m gonna need a break…
Take Cave Troll to Sunsplash
And whatever that other thing was that I totally forgot…

But it’s good to be back! I’ll be catching up on my blogs over the next few days…hope everyone is in good form!

0 thoughts on “A partial list of things…”

  1. Vacations are the best. Have the maid – yes, I know – do laundry. You need a break. Nice to have you back, I’ve missed you.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Where are those darn house elves when you need them? Glad the vacation went well. Stand firm on your artistic integrity. Once you let up, each time gets easier. I just started Vulnerable. Leave it alone.

  3. Catie says:

    i’m slowly planning my vacation – glad yours went well

  4. NeedleTart says:

    Still in the land ‘o plastic….but just for you an update.

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