A Punny Day

Well, not really.

Actually it was a BUSY day.

Took Squish to school, came home.

Mate had picked Chicken up and brought her home (her car was in the shop) so I took her to work.

Came home.

Picked ZoomBoy up.

Came home.

Picked Squish up.

Came home.


Went to recital rehearsal.

Volunteered and was basically ignored by the lady I was supposed to be there to help. I mean I helped, but she was NOT friendly. The kids weren’t either– they knew here and not me. Uncomfortable. Seriously.

But that didn’t mean I didn’t meet some old friends.

For example, Barry, who is the father to two grown children that I’ve watched grow up over the past nineteen years. His birthday was tonight, and he was wearing a T-shirt that said, “60 Years, the Legend Begins, 1957-2017”. We gave him a fair amount of grief for this, by the way, and he took it with a smile.

And then I said, “Wait!  Does that mean from now on we call you ‘Legend-Barry’?”

He wasn’t sure whether to kill me or hug me. He settled on the hug, but then Mate wrote “Legend” over his name on his name tag and Chicken called him Legend-Barry.

I”m pretty sure he wished he’d gone for kill.

Heh heh heh.

So, being on a roll, when my friend told me she was having stomach problems, I responded with a perfectly innocent, “I’m sorry. That blows.”

She DEFINITELY wanted to kill me.

And then ZoomBoy said, “Mom, I bet I can say the alphabet faster than you. You go first.”

So I said, “The alphabet.”


Seriously– I couldn’t lose.

Not that tomorrow won’t be busy and will probably suck and people who don’t like/don’t know me are going to be asking me to do things again–but that’s okay.

Today was a genuinely punny day.  We only get so many, right?

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