A slightly guilty commitment…

Okay–I have to admit to what I’ve been doing all day. It’s going to shock you–don’t hold it against me.

I’ve been YARNING. Yes, YARNING. In this case, I’m not making a distinction between knit or crochet, wool or acrylic. It’s moot. I’ve been sitting in my chair COMPLETING A BIG PROJECT. I know–I should be writing or blogging or, hey, cleaning house would be an improvement, and there’s always reading which I consider a part of writing and something I SHOULD be doing. But I didn’t. I finished the acrylic baby blanket–and if I hadn’t converted to wool, I’d tell you it looks fucking AWESOME. But I am a wool convert, and so it’s got that squeaky sheen, so it only looks decent.

I’d even spring for a photo, but while I was busy in the kitchen on Sunday, Big T took the camera outside and did me proud. He got all artistic and took some shots of his siblings that I’m very impressed with. (For instance, the one of Ladybug ISN’T upside down–he laid on the ground to get her backlit by the sun. I thought that was hella cool.) And it looks like blogger is going to let me share, so you get to see my kids and know I DIDN’T cook them up for Easter ham–as much as Big Q looks like he should have been on that platter.

Which reminds me– Today’s Q-ism? We were watching The Cat In The Hat when he said, “Mom–that part wasn’t like the book!” *ah* Music to every reading parents ears.

And Ladybug has been a big glom-monster. I’m talking two hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon–uhm, could be why I’ve had so much time to finish that baby blanket, right?

Anyway, I’m still working on Jack and Teague (just not today) and after a discussion w/my young Paduan have determined that no, I have not shamelessly ripped off Supernatural for my guys–I was just really inspired. Which I’m starting to feel for the end of ‘Rampant’– I am frequently impressed with how, when I don’t STRESS over a deadline, the inspiration for what needs to happen comes in its own time. Weird, hah?

Oh–hey–need to shout out a thanks to Ismarah for reviewing Bitter Moon II in the U.K.–I’m glad my albatross got represented across the pond:-)

And that’s about all–hope you like the Easter pics… my older kids were all about helping the younger ones with the egg hunt–sometimes, they make me so proud I have to wonder if they’re really mine. (And then Chicken mouths off and Big T starts quizzing me about heroic archetypes, and I don’t wonder anymore.)


0 thoughts on “A slightly guilty commitment…”

  1. The kids are cute as EVER! It’s amazing how much they’ve changed since two months ago.

  2. roxie says:

    Good job, Big T! And Amy, you can’t tell us something is cool and then refuse to show us. Get the fucking acrylic blanket photo!

  3. Galad says:

    Thank for the photos – the kids are too cute.

  4. ismarah says:

    My husband would like to have his own shout-out as he bought the Albatross and had it delivered to my greedy little hands. He’s joking of course.

    Nice pictures – you have some good looking kids.

  5. Samaya Young says:

    Great pics, Amy. Big T did a marvelous job with the sun as a back light. Gorgeous. 🙂

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