A Tad Unstable

So, Squish and I were driving home today when we noticed something odd about the really pricey SUV in front of us.

First, there was the mattress and box spring on top–but that wasn’t the odd part.

I mean, you don’t often see mattresses and a box spring on top of a white Navigator–but you know, some people gotta haul what some people gotta haul, right? Mate and I hauled our own box springs in  a Honda Odyssey. Those things are actually pretty big on the inside so it was no big deal.

But this was on the outside, and like I said, that wasn’t the odd part.

It was the two sets of arms and torsos on either side of the car that popped out whenever the car was in motion, because mattresses, they had, but apparently bungi cords or twine or God, even Red Heart Super Saver was something they did not.

Squish took a picture–but for some reason it wouldn’t load on my phone, although I understand it made quite a splash on snapchat.

So, we were behind this vehicle on a small road with stop signs–and three people still cut this guy off, and Squish and I were like, “Uh, we wish people wouldn’t do that because that mattress is going to land IN OUR LAPS.”

And that wasn’t even the worst part.

Mate got the picture (People and their up to date iPhones–go figure!) and when I asked him what he thought–much later, after we got home– he said, “Uh, they didn’t turn on Sunrise like that, did they?” Because he recognized the area we were in.

And where this car was going.

Which was onto one of the main arteries of our area.

“Yes,” I confirmed. “Yes, indeed they did.”

“Wow–I wish them the best!”

Because after we’d turned onto Sunrise, we only had a quarter of a mile before we took a right onto our own street, so we never really saw how that little drama enacted.

All I can tell you was that at every stop sign, at every light, those guys let go of that mattress and dropped back into that Navigator.

You know, I think they were tired?

But I’ll tell you this–I didn’t think badly of them. I’m pretty sure there are people in my family who have done something like that or equally as stupid. Sometimes you just have to wish people the best and cross your fingers.

Hope you made it home fellas, and the mattress was as soft as it looked.

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