A Tale of Two Hotties

We went to watch Squish dance in the state fair today– her brother dances tomorrow, but I may be able to get away with making Chicken take them both while I try to prep for New York next week, we’ll see.

Anyway– after weaseling out of the Midway we told younger kids that they could do things like ride the gerbil balls and the really big slide if we didn’t do the rat-trap roller coasters and the games designed to break young people’s hearts.  So the kids were doing the gerbil balls– one try on land, one on water– and I struck up a conversation with the adorable young man who was manning the gerbil balls.

He was so much fun! Blond, blue-eyed, funny, loved his job, pretty much only hit state fairs up and down the west coast. He had a friend who owned property in Oregon, was looking forward to Portland– I mean, he was a walking plot bunny.

*happy sigh*

I loved him.  Poor Chicken– she got a giant case of the herks when she talked to him– you know this affliction?  A pretty boy smiles at you and your base reaction is to seize up and make the sound, “heeerrrrkkkk…”?  Anyway, yeah, she did that while I mined him for information on what it was like to work the fairs.  He got excited about live music and watching the motocross performers, and talked about how they all sort of followed the same circuit and… dude.

Yeah. Mapped out a story, just for me, wasn’t that sweet?

So, I was riding the high of that fun and useful interaction when we sat down in the food court to eat. We ended up right next to the sound booth for the square dancing on stage, and the young man inside was…

Well, even prettier than the first, with stunning blue eyes, black lashes, and blond hair. Mmmm…  But in addition to being pretty, he was also bored. as. shit.

As the kids and I sat down, I took the opportunity of a lull in the music to say, “If you looked any more bored, you’d explode.  Great fun for us, but not so fun for you, I think.”

He laughed politely, and ignored us for the rest of our stay.  In fact, he ignored us to the point that when I accidentally made eye contact, he hit the sound board and turned up the music for THE ENTIRE SQUARE DANCE STAGE, just to avoid talking to one fat middle aged mother.

Which I thought was hysterical, btw. I mean, I told Chicken, and the two of us laughed our ass off.  “Fear me! I’m somebody else’s nosy mother! Plan your escape route now!!!”

Anyway– very amused.

But as we talked about the boys, I realized something.  Yeah– they were both going to be in a book. Couldn’t help that because… dudes!

But yeah– guess which one of them is going to end up with the hot motocross guy, and which one was going to end up being the douchebag?

Just sayin’.  Us fat middle-aged mom types– we’ve got ways of taking revenge.  Makes life sweet, oh yes it does.

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  1. I always appreciate a highly developed sense of vengeance. *grin*

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