Adventures of the world’s most boring human…

Okay– that’s me.

Went to work– did my job. Not great, but it got done. (Okay–I’ve got a backlog of papers that’s sort of haunting me. If I get those done my self esteem will SKYROCKET I promise.)

Came home–did my job. Homework got done, baths got done. Some eating was involved with minimal cooking. I took a nap and disguised it as quality time by calling it ‘cuddles’.

Saw Mate and the big kids off to their one King’s game this year. (Probably not as exciting as the one in San Antonio, where an honest to God bat made an appearance, but they get to go in person this year.)

Worked on some Jack & Teague. (Progressing nicely, but I have to say I’m spoiled. It seems like it should be going a lot faster–I have to keep reminding myself that the dragon is taking it easy these days and we are not to goad him into frantic activity because that’s hard on me and the family. Me and that dragon are going to have to coexist and that’s just the goddamned truth.)

Gave an FO to its intended recipient. I’ll try to get some pictures from her–just the fingertip gloves–they turned out pretty good, but they were done on size 0 needles and took forFREAKINGever. My next project is fingerless mitts w/a VERY cool lace pattern in this yummy hand-dyed cashmerino–the pattern’s on the net and if I manage not to fuck these up I’ll put in the link. It’s fingerless mitts and a cowl out of one small skein–sweartadog, it’s like magic.

And sat down to blog.

And was grateful–because sometimes boring is good. Boring makes you appreciate the special. Boring means you might get some sleep. Boring knits up the raveled sleeves of frantic that are soccer/beginning of school/birthday season. I don’t mind being the most boring human some days. I might even get some reading done.

(*thought* After I finished the Jack & Teague, I was going to do a short story on Adrian and then start the 5th Cory book… I’m thinking I might start work on the 2nd Promise Rock book instead, since I don’t have the money to publish Rampant yet. Brutal truth, but real, nonetheless… when I have enough $$$ to publish Rampant and Jack & Teague, then I’ll start work on the next book in the series…)

0 thoughts on “Adventures of the world’s most boring human…”

  1. Donna Lee says:

    Boring is one of the most underrated things ever. What's that Chinese curse, "may you live in interesting times"? I love a good day when nothing extraordinary happens. They seem so few and far between sometimes.

  2. roxie says:

    Darling girl, you are NEVER boring! Just because you aren't going three hundred miles an hour with your hair on fire doesn't mean you are boring.

    Yeah, I hate the fact that $$ gets in the way of getting the books published. Where are those Rennisance patrons when we need them? Oh, yeah. I'm married to mine. If I tried to live on the income of my writing, I would be starving on the streets right now.

  3. Galad says:

    Your boring is what most people call living (just to keep things in perspective) But then most people don't have a dragon. . .

  4. Julie says:

    Boring is AWESOME. I envy you your boring. Do you want my excitement? I will take your boredom off your hands. Free and even trade.

    In the mean time, I will just sit here and envy you.

  5. Littlewitch says:

    Just so I'm clear…

    We still get that Adrian short, right? Cause I REALLY need to know he has something besides his time in the Goddess Grove.

    But the next Promise Rock sounds great to me. It's been a while and I miss Deacon…

    And they're right. Boring is a beautiful peaceful thing. It's drama that kills me.

  6. JJ says:

    You are soooo not boring!! If you are boring I would hate to think of what I am….

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for Rampant and something special will happen and we will all be happy.

  7. You can't be boring, you're too busy to be boring.

  8. DecRainK says:

    You dont know what boring is.. I go to work (most days….. if I get called to sub) go to school and come home. Thats it. No mate or kids …nada 😛

    And a story about Adrian?!?!?!?!??!?!? woohoo!

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