An Extra Cup of Coffee

So usually I only have one cup of coffee.

Part of that is that I get so much sugar and cream in it, I’m practically drinking an iced Michael Scott (yes, we’re watching The Office, still. Apparently all he drinks is CREAM AND SUGAR, and if you’re not careful, that’s what McDonalds gives you–it’s happened to me twice in the last week.)

So anyway– too much cream gives me gas. One cup.

Part of it is that I get a little crazy in the second half of the day if I’m fueled by an extra cup of coffee.

But ugh, I was dragging tail today, and I had so much I wanted to do.  So I stopped for an extra iced coffee and right now I’m still WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Anyway– nothing big to share–besides the WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

And, of course the pictures.

Squish and I always get to the spot where ZoomBoy comes to meet us about fifteen minutes early. I park in the shade, we turn off the car, open the windows, and chill. Today I caught a picture of her when she wasn’t expecting it.

She wasn’t pleased.

Particularly when I told her “Well, I haven’t posted in Instagram for over a week.”

And that expression was the result.

For ZoomBoy–well, he’s been trying to start a cult of the box for a year now. After seven years my faithful soccer chair finally disintegrated and we ordered a new one.


And I’m teaching an adult ed seminar next semester, at Kaleidoscope, which is our local Junior College’s adult ed campus. It’s sort of the result of a lot of conversations that go like this–

First, picture me at the soccer field, hauling my chair (ah, chair, I’ll miss you) and my knitting and generally wishing I was in the pool doing aqua instead.

Random Parent (RP): I hear you’re a writer.

Me: Yes!

RP: I want to write.

Me: That’s great.

RP: Maybe you could give me some pointers.

Me: What do you write?

RP: Well, nothing I’ve put together yet. Mostly I’ve got snippets.”

Me: Of what?

RP: You know. This and that.

Me: Is it first person?

RP: It’s sort of about God.

Me: So no.

RP: And being inspired.

Me: So maybe?

RP: And there’s whole sections set in a country I’ve never been.

Me: So a fantasy?

RP: But it exists. I think. Is Peoria a real country?

Me: … sort of.

RP: Anyway, I’d love to pick your brain.

Me: *wishes for helmet*  Some other time–my kid’s about to play!

For the record, my kid is nowhere near about to play.

RP: Catch you later! I can’t wait to have this conversation!

Me: It’ll be great!

Now seriously– there’s a lot here I could tell this person (were I not on a soccer field hauling a broken chair and knitting and, usually, my morning McDonald’s coffee.) I could talk about genre, and how to start publishing small and free and where to look to publish larger and paid and I could talk about industry and independent versus agent versus acquiring editor and KU vs. Mass Market Paperback and…

And seriously

Lots of info.

Starting with, “What genre are you writing? What sub genre? What’s your audience? What’s their education level? What is your purpose?”

And, well, that’s what the class is going to be about.

Probably not a laugh riot–but it may get me to my spot on the side of the field faster, right?  Anyway, I’ll be posting links for that next April, because I’m teaching the class twice.

And that’s about it!

I’m not yawning yet–I should probably go write!

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