An Unusual Pre-Birthday

So, this morning, the lovely, inestimable, AMAZING fantastic Rhys Ford did a terrible thing to me today.

She wished me Happy Birthday.  
Now see, a couple of years ago, Rhys took me on one of my best and most memorable birthdays to date– she took me to an alpaca farm, and to eat with her in San Diego, and we dragged Chicken along and on the whole, one of my better birthdays. But when I was down there, my whole “time disability” clicked in– and I mean extreme. I insisted it was my birthday for an entire day when it wasn’t, and Rhys just nodded and smiled and humored the crazy person, and this whole thing would be much funnier if it wasn’t for the fact that I misjudged when I was planning to come home (on Mate’s B-day) and had to add $100 to my ticket to come back in time. 
So, this morning, the joke was on me– my birthday is tomorrow. 
And thank God.
I spent this birthday in my sweats, with no makeup, probably creeping out my dentist who was giving me a filling. The filling itself was sort of a pisser– I hadn’t NEEDED a filling until the hygienist accidentally popped out the old one last week while flossing my teeth.  So, today it was the long needle, the deep deep nerves, the drill, and, when they were done? The drooling.
OH, the embarrassing drooling.  Did I mention I went to the post office, mailing Chicken’s birthday package and some other envelopes while drooling? So while in the line at the post office, I complained about the damned postage machine that was full of LIES– while drooling. 
“Da mathine– da mathine toll me an ga’ me da pothdage, thee?”
“Yes, ma’am, but this obviously isn’t an envelope– there’s stuff that’s not bending inside.”
“Dere pothtcards– DON’T BEND DEM!– Dere thpothed to be thent…”
“But ma’am, it won’t bend–“
“DON’T BEND DEM! Jutht nebermind. Quit i’. Leab me awone to bay a dollar thix. I don’ cawe.”
And of course, I didn’t care by then, either. I was too busy wiping drool.  *headdesk*
Today was too much work to do, and soccer, and me cooking dinner, and jollying the kids to homework and in the background, FB was popping up “Happy Birthday” banners like wildfire. 
I was… flattered. 
It was my faux birthday and people were wishing me happy returns.  
It made me want to dress up tomorrow and do my makeup and try not to drool. (Although I assume that will stay gone now that the damned anesthetic has worn off.)  It made me want to celebrate my birthday, dammit! You know the way you do as a kid, where you wear something special and hope the whole world knows it’s your day?
So, thanks Rhys. Apparently that birthday WEEKEND was the gift that keeps on giving.  Hopefully today sucked up all my bad day juju, and tomorrow can be a really nice birthday– even if I’m the only one who knows why I’m wearing the nice clothes and has done the makeup.  
(Mate will notice– I think we’re doing our birthday date tomorrow, since his birthday is on October 1st. I have ordered his present–I’m so excited. I hope I got the right one!)

0 thoughts on “An Unusual Pre-Birthday”

  1. Emese says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Unknown says:

    Yes Happy Birthday, I think it's today, but if not, either happy belated, or happy early. Enjoy it all the same. 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    Hope your birthday goes perfectly!

    I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and now am really dreading it. 😉

  4. Donna Lee says:

    Happy Actual Birthday!!

    I am a firm believer in celebrating all the things since life is short. Any time we can have cake is a good time.

    I usually take my birthday off but this year Pope Francis ate up my extra vacation days (we were closed for his visit and I had to use vac time) so I will be at work, wearing something nice and hoping someone remembers.

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