And Back On Line…

So, the interwebs went down. It was awful. I had to stop my junkie computer tap from one site to another. *shudder*  Like it was a bad dream.

Anyway–it’s back up, and I am blogging again.

Sadly, I’m mostly doing the old middle-aged woman thing tonight and whining–so, you know, maybe loiter a bit until the weekend or something exciting happens.

This Sunday my knee started to slip. Mostly I have three things to do when this happens.  One is to only exercise moderately–so, a brief trip around the block and not the whole mile. The other is to make sure I make it to my aqua class and then sit for a while in the hot tub. The third thing is the one I have the hardest time doing, and that’s not driving.

Monday, I sat in the hot tub for a good long time, and then, between picking up kids and getting lunch, I was in the car for a hour.

And then I couldn’t move.

Last night was a misery of trips to the bathroom and a fierce ache along my IT band that no motrin could relieve. This morning, I could barely walk. Fun stuff!

Anyway–this morning, I was supposed to take my mom–my real mom, the one with many marbles and a few cats missing– to the DMV. She lost her ID card and she needs help in public situations. Anybody would need help at the DMV– dudes. Those forms have to be filled out EXACTLY. I’m like, “But I am NOT an exactly person!” and they were like, “We’re sorry. Do it again!” Actually, when they realized that Mate and I (Mate had to drive, because I couldn’t) were there to help her, they were VERY understanding. They sent my mom ahead in line twice while one of us filled out paperwork. They were great.

But still.

Dudes. The DMV, and I could barely walk.

I brought my knitting, and after I’d pulled it out, I realized my mom was sort of sitting there, looking lost and befuddled. I pulled out my phone and showed her how to play Flow–it’s one of those basic games on the phone that kids and grownups can play.

She played a few hands and figured it out (which was pretty good, actually, because until this moment she hasn’t even been able to look at pictures on the phone without accidentally turning it off) and suddenly she said, “But Amy, what do I get if I win?”

Hunh. Not even the kids have asked that question.

“Uh, I guess you get to not be bored at the DMV?”

“That’s all?”

She played a few more rounds and then gave me back my phone. I was sort of non-plussed, really. There’s another reward for games on your phone? I had no idea.

Anyway– we got her squared away and then came home. Mate went to pick up the kids and I got a nap in, because last night had sort of been a craptastic bit of sleep.

And the rest of the day was working while the kids played. And watching Fozzy Bear on Chris Hardwick, of course.

But it got me thinking. I pulled Mate out of work, and made him take me and my mother to the DMV. And then he had to come home and pick up the kids, and then even make dinner because I wasn’t moving.

What sort of reward did he get, besides my eternal gratitude.

According to him, getting out of work was enough, but still.

I guess I can see where Alexa was coming from. There should be a bigger prize than that.

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